When I ask women why they started getting serious about photography, many of them answer, “I became a mom.” I admit, I didn’t start seriously photographing people until after I had a baby. Suddenly I found myself confined to the house for days with a perfectly cute model and not much else going on in my life. I started to learn more about shooting indoors with lower light and how to anticipate and capture genuine expressions and everyday moments. Then people started asking me to take pictures of their kids, too. And here I am almost 8 years later.

If you’re a mom wanting to learn how to take better pictures of your kids or a budding photographer looking to improve your skills, look no further. Here are 5 incredible photography courses for moms that I wholeheartedly recommend.

Photography 101

SLR Lounge $149


This 7+ hour video workshop would have saved me years of gleaning knowledge from miscellaneous YouTube videos and blog posts, which I had to piece together into my own jumbled understanding of basic digital photography priciples. Photography 101 is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their photography skills, whether they’re just getting started or have been a hobbyist for years. I recommend it to moms who want to learn how to take creative control of their photography by shooting in manual mode It’s a lot easier than you think once you learn the principles behind it and start practicing. This course includes homework assignments and easy to follow graphics. Plus, you can go back anytime and watch it again if you need a refresher.

Photographing Your Family’s Everyday

CM University $300


I attended the Clickin Moms’ conference last summer, and it was excellent. While I’ve never taken an online class at the CM University, everything I’ve seen produced by them has been highly recommended and is specifically geared toward moms. In the intermediate course, Shooting 212, Photographing Your Families Everyday with Melissa Stottmann, you’ll learn how to photograph every life event, including the (seemingly) ordinary moments. Isn’t that what every mom wants to remember? This is a four-week on-line class with reading and homework assignments.

If you’re the type who, needs a little push to get things going, like deadlines and a firm commitment, classes at CM University are the way to go. You can take their handy quiz to determine which class is right for you. Click here to check it out.

The Unexpected Everyday Ebook

Click it up a Notch $19

For a more budget-friendly, DIY way to go, I recommend an ebook from Click It Up a Notch. I’ve met the author Courtney, and she’s passionate about teaching photography, especially to moms. She herself got her start photographing her own kids at home. This book is set up as a 30-day challenge and offers specific homework assignments to help you beautifully capture the everyday moments at home with your kids.


Basic Photography Curriculum For Moms

Shutter Teachers $175

This course is actually a curriculum for photographers to use to teach moms in their studio or in a private home. I think this is a fantastic idea! Many people (myself included) want to have an actual person show them how to use their camera and walk them through any frustration they might encounter while learning what all those numbers and buttons mean. I was able to review this curriculum and, it’s perfect for a mom’s night. This course takes about 2 hours to teach, but I would allow an extra hour for the ladies to do some practicing and socializing. It covers the basics of digital photography (gear, exposure, menu settings, lighting, and composition) and would be the perfect introduction for moms.

You can read my full review of Shutter Teachers other two courses, Basic Digital Photography and Basic Digital Photography for Kids here: SHUTTER TEACHERS CURRICULUM OFFERS EXTRA INCOME SOURCE FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS. Also, check out TOP TIPS FOR TEACHING A SUCCESSFUL PHOTOGRAPHY CLASS.

Newborn Photography Workshop

SLR Lounge $99


Last but not least, the SLR Lounge Newborn Photography Workshop is a fantastic course for moms. This course is meant for parents with entry level photography skills, all the way up to serious photographers wanting to photograph newborns. You’ll learn how to safely pose the baby, how to light the scene using available window light, how to keep the baby calm and happy during the shoot, which settings to use on your camera, which additional gear you might need, where to get cute, affordable props and even how to easily post-process your images. If you’ve got a baby coming to the family soon, you’ll want to get this video workshop for ASAP!