Greeting cards come in an endless array of shapes and sizes, but content-wise, they typically feature some combination of written sentiments and photos or drawings. An innovative new design option has recently come onto the market, however, that will change the way you experience greeting cards. These cards, known as augmented reality cards (or AR cards), combine photo and video in a way that has to be seen to be believed. Printique, originally founded as the in-house photo lab for Adorama, is working at the forefront of this new technology and bringing their expertise in printing to this exciting new genre of greeting cards.

What Are Augmented Reality Cards?

Augmented reality cards offer a thrilling new way to connect with your memories. In addition to sharing printed portraits of special moments, AR cards include a scannable code that links to a personalized video, which viewers can watch via a mobile app. This adds an exciting new dimension to the overall viewing experience. Just open the app, scan the card, and watch the pre-loaded video.

How to Order Augmented Reality Cards

It’s easier than you might think to add videos to your photo cards, especially through Printique. For your convenience, we’ve outlined the process below using Printique’s order form.

Let’s get started!

Step 1. Download the Printique Photos App

First, head over to Apple App Store or Google Play to download and install the free Printique Photos app on your smartphone or tablet. You can also start here and follow the steps below on your desktop computer.

Step 2. Select a Category & Design Option

printique's augmented reality cards categories

Choose the theme to fit your augmented reality cards. Printique’s current options include “Hanukkah” and “Christmas,” although they’re expanding their catalog and will soon have templates for all occasions, including Valentine’s Day, weddings, and so on. You’ll find a number of design options to choose from under each theme.

printique's augmented reality cards design templates

You can customize the front design after selecting a template. The back of the card contains instructions for accessing the video and is not customizable at this time. Once you’ve made a selection, choose your paper type (matte, felt, and linen) and print quantity. Prices range from $20 for a single card to $10 for 12 or more cards.

A Note on Photo & Video Orientation

Hand holding phone to view video playback
The viewer will see the video play in the same space as the photo on the card.

It’s worth noting that you should choose a photo orientation that matches your video orientation. For example, if you choose a card template that features a “landscape” or horizontal orientation (rather than “portrait” or vertical orientation), the AR greeting card will work best if you match the photo with a video shot in the same orientation. The reason for this is the video will play within the same frame ratio as the photo.

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Step 3. Upload a Photo & Video and Customize the AR Card

printique augmented reality cards design template

With your design option in place, you can begin uploading your photos & videos and customizing your card(s). Simply click on the “Upload Photo” button, create an album name, and then select the photos you want to upload. After the photos have uploaded, drag your chosen photo into the design template. You can adjust the crop of the photo, change the background color/design, and more to get the card where you want it.

preview of video

When your video is finished uploading, you can preview the results before submitting the video for the final card design.

Step 4. Order Your Augmented Reality Cards

With the design finalized and the video submitted, you can click on the “Order” button to preview the card once more and add it to your cart. You’ll need to create a Printique account if you haven’t already done so. Orders over $100 qualify for free shipping, and the current turnaround time for AR cards is typically three business days.

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Pro Tip for AR Cards

At SLR Lounge, we always talk about the importance of print and how it is equally important to shoot for the print. The same holds true when shooting for augmented reality cards. If you anticipate creating an AR card from the photo session, be sure to capture video for the card that will complement the photo and overall message. As an example, some light-hearted candid video of a family squeezing together for a group hug would work well for a family portrait featured on a Christmas or Hanukkah card. Keep an eye out for an opportune moment to capture on video that will pair up with your still photos.


In the history of greeting cards, we’ve seen cool features like see-through die-cutting, pop-up art, or even audio recordings, but augmented reality cards represent one of the most innovative leaps forward, putting an otherwise static medium in motion. With a professional lab like Printique offering these incredible products, you can rest assured that your printed photos will still look their absolute best while they conveniently link to videos that further bring important memories to life. Like always, the Printique Promise is included with every product Printique prints, including augmented reality cards. They’re made with the best possible materials, prepared by a team of experts, and guaranteed to meet or exceed your quality expectations. Make sure to check them out for yourself and add them to the list of products you offer clients.