So many questions, and so few answers, and so long to go until we’ll have them. Nikon’s first step into the full frame mirrorless arena is gobbling column inches (as expected), and will likely continue to do so. So far, however, there’s been a lot of teasing from Nikon with little to no substance. This, of course, is something we’re used to from Nikon, but it looks like they’ll be stretching it out even more this time around as they’ve just released a new teaser video about their new Nikon full frame mirrorless camera.

“We are preparing for the next 100 years by leaping into a new dimension. The new mount is Nikon’s response to the challenges of the future.”

So, we finally get a decent look at the mount, shape, and relative size of the unit to be unveiled August 23rd, and Nikon is expressing this as a massive leap. However, that’s a bit of a ‘leap’ of a statement, as it’s not as though this is an area Nikon has pioneered. In fact, when it comes to mounts, it’s an area Nikon has drawn much criticism about for decades, and to release a mirrorless now suggests Nikon waited for the waters to be tepid before diving in.

Still, Nikon is clearly looking to make a helluva splash, and we are waiting to be wowed. We can see from their press imagery so far that this looks bigger than the benchmark Sony A7, and there are all-too-familiar styling cues to be picked up on. The overall shape and specifically the spot where we can assume the EVF is going to be, is reminiscent of Nikon film cameras – a bit boxy, and that’s not a bad thing.

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In contrast though, is the grip area, which from this angle, looks a little rounded. Nikon is absolutely going to push ergonomics and the grip looks swollen, more akin to the grip on the D850 or D500. So while it doesn’t seem to be the most harmonious in design, it could be functionally divine. Time will tell, and we’ll report as the specs and so on trickle out. You can check out more images of the unit below:


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