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World’s Most Expensive Lens: $2 million Leica APO-Telyt-R 1600mm

By fotosiamo on August 27th 2012

Most Expensive Lens - Leica APO Telyt R 1600mm

At a sum of US$ 2,064,500, Leica has the honor of manufacturing the world’s most expensive SLR Lens, the Leica APO-Telyt-R f/5.6 1600mm telephoto lens. A Howitzer among lenses, this 1600mm is also the largest and heaviest telephoto lens at 47.24 inches long, 16.5 inches diameter, and 132 lbs! This one-off lens is commissioned by Qatar’s former minister of Culture, Arts and Heritage Sheikh Saud Bin Mohammed Al-Thani of Qatar.

This lens is so heavy that according to Danish Leica expert Thorsten Overgaard, Sheikh Al-Thani commissioned Mercedes to make a specially-equipped four-wheel-drive vehicle to carry the lens and act as a mobile tripod.

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Leica APO Telyy-R 1600mm Side

Leica APO Telyy-R 1600mm Front & Camera Comparison


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  1. Larry Monske

    In the first Gulf War a BBC cameraman with a large white canon lens he was seen by a tank 1/2 mile away it took out the cameraman and entire room in a hotel. The man no trace at all whole room vaporized and his ID card was all there was left.

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  2. Larry Monske

    I can hook this up to a web cam or cellphone.

    | |
  3. Ed Rhodes


    | |
  4. J. Dennis Thomas

    Only f/5.6? Call me when it they get it to f/2.8 or I’m not interested…

    | |
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  6. LeightonPrice

    Did he use this lens to take the pictures of Kate and William in France?

    | |
  7. lmbd

    most expensive AND useless lens!

    | |
  8. Jackson4realo

    Is this for taking picture of people from other planet. 

    | |
  9. Anonymous

    I second the question, Where are the pictures taken with this lens? (probably girls from a far far far away beach..)

    | |
  10. Paolo

    Does anyone know the place where one can watch photos made by this lens?

    | |
  11. C_j_ryan

    I’d like to actually see some of the shots he’s taken with this. I wonder what his Flickr account is?

    | |
  12. Michael Larkin

    While I love photography and all related to it, I look at this lens and think “How practical is it” I know most of my work has me crawling up riverbeds up to my knees in water or marching across fields full of cows and bulls, I ask myself why would I hinder my work by owning a lens of such proportions.
    I look at this lens and I think, ” There are people starving to death at this very moment. And as I reach for my gear and head out I thank God I do not have this monster.

    Michael Larkin

    | |
  13. Amando Filipe

    This would be perfect for pictures of cats

    | |
  14. Robert Kotula

    This lens would be great for watching girls close up on the beach…!!!

    | |