Instagram is always in the process of evolving in order to provide more ways for its users to engage. Whether it is incorporating video or augmented reality, they’ve demonstrated a desire to be a multifaceted communication tool.
In recent months the platform has been testing new features worthy of note. While each new feature may not radically change the app, they round out an experience that has proven to be enticing to large swaths of humanity. Here are some additions that hint at where the company is going.


A recent article on revealed Instagram is testing a new feature called “TYPE” which will, as the name hints, enable users to post text-only messages. This will offer a minimal and efficient element into the platform and put one more arrow in the quiver of your social media marketing strategy.

There was no indication as to when it would be released worldwide but, it will signal the end of messages screen captioned from your notes or text app. It may not seem like much but it will provide a consistent visual aesthetic to your posts.

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gify support

Today, Instagram introduced GIF stickers provided by GIFY; giving you access to a huge library of GIFs to enhance your posts. While this may be good news for some, a promise a bit further down in the post might be received with even more joy.

No Need To Crop In Stories

Posting to stories in IG requires adhering to a select crop factor, which, sadly, doesn’t really mesh well with most cameras or anything in landscape. Now though, you will no longer have to shoot with aspect ration in mind nor crop your image and video, as IG has stated the following:

In the coming weeks, we’re also rolling out the ability to upload photos and videos of any size to your story — so you never have to lose part of a photo or cut a friend out of a group video. When you upload a photo or video, pinch to share it in its original dimensions, whether it’s square, portrait or landscape. Any extra room will be filled with a custom color gradient that matches what you’ve shared.

Instagram has been putting emphasis on capturing your life in the moment and refining this portion of the experience is a small step towards keeping you engaged. With this, gone are the frustrations caused by a seemingly arbitrary restriction on a perfectly captured moment.

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