Visual Flow just released their fourth pack of Lightroom Presets called the Mood Pack.  The Mood Pack features a warm cinematic look with a subtle matte finish in the shadows and highlights. It’s designed to create an earthy and organic look to your imagery. It works for almost any type of photography, but it is stylistically most fitting of adventure, wanderlust, or elopement style photography.

As with their previous three packs, the Mood Pack comes with 10 presets that follow the patent pending system of Lighting Condition Based Development and utilize DVLOP’s dual illuminant profiles.  The system is designed for one-click, professional presets regardless of the camera system or the lighting/weather conditions.  See sample images using the Mood Pack below:

lightroom moody presets

golden hour lightroom presets

organic lightroom presets

mood pack lightroom presets

beach moody lightroom presets

hispter lightroom presets

dark lightroom presets

Before and After Images

Notice how the one-click presets give you a warm, rich, organic style that’s perfect for a documentary or photojournalistic style of portraiture.  Drag the slider left to right to see the before and after images.

1111 dark moody lightroom presets1111a dark moody lightroom presets
1111b dark moody lightroom presets1112a dark moody lightroom presets
72 dark moody lightroom presets 172a dark moody lightroom presets 1
73a dark moody lightroom presets57a dark moody lightroom presets

Introducing The Wanderlust Workshop

How to Shoot and Edit Dark and Moody Portraits

Product Box Package Mockup

Along with the Mood Pack, Visual Flow and SLR Lounge has launched a new workshop to master this style of portraiture.

The Wanderlust workshop is about teaching you how to expose, frame, and create raw wanderlust style imagery. Along the way, we’ll walk through our favorite gear and ideal camera settings. Just as important as editing is shooting for this overall look and style.

02 How to Shoot for Dark and Moody Imagery.00 21 48 08.Still005

The Wanderlust Workshop Includes:

  • 1 Lightroom Preset to give you the baseline look
  • 7 HD Videos
  • 1.75 Hours of Education
  • 50 Image Exercise Files Included
  • Lifetime Streaming & Download Access

Ways to Access

You can access the Wanderlust Workshop the following ways:

What You’ll Learn

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  1. You don’t need flash! – Instead, find moody and organic imagery by training your eyes to see the nuances of highlights and shadows within the available light.
  2. Stop fearing hard light!  – Soft light is great, but it can get boring quickly. Wanderlust imagery asks that you step out of your comfort zone to seek hard and directional light sources. This workshop will train you to seek out highlight and shadows to create more rich and dynamic images with depth.
  3. Do Everything in Lightroom –  Included with the workshop is included a signature baseline Lightroom Preset for this look and style. Those using Visual Flow Presets can seamlessly integrate the education into your Lighting Condition-Based workflow. Those just using the baseline preset will learn how to fine-tune color and enhance local details. You’ll even learn how to dodge & burn without ever stepping into Photoshop. In fact, we’ll be using Lightroom to efficiently edit your way into flawless imagery.
  4.  Learn How to Craft Stories! – This style and type of imagery is perfect for clients who value authentic and organic imagery. Let us help you understand how to shoot images that tell emotional and impactful stories. Images that will turn your client’s imagery into wall art and albums sales!

For more information and purchase options, click here.