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Photographer Uses Magic To Make Mermaids Out Of Maternity Clients

By Hanssie on October 20th 2014

Some women feel exceptionally beautiful when pregnant. They tend to have a glow, float on air and some walk on 5 inch stilettos until they deliver.

I was not one of them.

When I was pregnant, I felt quite the opposite of exceptionally beautiful. It was partly because I was sick all nine months, everything hurt – from my back to my feet, I gained 45lbs anyway and ate dessert after every meal. I wore sweats and flip flops the entire time and didn’t brush my hair.

So, I am pretty thankful that maternity photos were not a thing back then. In the past few years though, maternity portraits have gained popularity and you’ll find many beautiful, glow-y pregnant women, cradling their oh-so-cute bellies posing for portraits to commemorate their nine months of gestation. One photographer is looking to push the envelope when it comes to the traditional maternity photography by taking his clients underwater. And the images are incredible, serene and graceful.



Adam Opris is a wedding and lifestyle photographer in South Florida. As his wedding business progressed, his past brides began contacting him for maternity photos as they became pregnant. Opris, who practically grew up in the water, decided to experiment with photographing his maternity clients in his favorite element – underwater. After much research on underwater safety and pregnant women, Opris discovered that being in the water is actually recommended for moms-to-be, as the water is soothing and relieves the pressure on the backs and joints.

Each underwater shoot lasts about 90 minutes, with lots of breaks for air, outfit changes, getting comfortable, and posing tips, before everyone’s hands get pruny. Opris’ first concern is safety for his clients. He says the key to a successful underwater shoot is constant communication, so he strives to create a stress-free and fun environment.

I am bringing mermaids out of my maternity clients. By embracing buoyancy and enabling these pregnant women to be free, I am creating magic to capture pregnancy in all of its glory!

Adam-Opris-2 Adam-Opris-3 Adam-Opris-4 Adam-Opris-5 Adam-Opris-6 Adam-Opris-7 Adam-Opris-8 Adam-Opris-9


I wish Adam Opris was around when I was pregnant. I would’ve definitely insisted on having maternity pictures done. To see more of his work, be sure to check out his website here.

CREDITS: All photographs by Adam Opris are copyrighted and have been used with permission for SLR Lounge. Do not copy, modify or re-post this article or images without express permission from SLR Lounge and the artist.

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Hanssie is a Southern California-based writer and sometimes portrait and wedding photographer. In her free time, she homeschools, works out, rescues dogs and works in marketing for SLR Lounge. She also blogs about her adventures and about fitness when she’s not sick of writing so much. Check out her work and her blog at Follow her on Instagram

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  1. Maria Manjelo

    Ive seen these before. They are soo dreamy! I havent been able to convince any of my preggo Moms to do something similar yet

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  2. Basit Zargar


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  3. Jason Boa


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  4. Scott Pacaldo

    This is such a great idea! In a way, the pregnant woman is somewhat alike with her baby inside her belly — floating. Love it!! Kudos to Adam, and Hanssie for the great article :)

    | |
  5. Rafael Steffen

    Great creative work!

    | |

    I love the work its truly amazing to see how creative one can get and produce very good results

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  7. Kevin Sutton

    This is a very interesting take on typical maternity photography. What I like about these images the most save for the first one is they are awash with light and color. Fantastic.

    | |
  8. Derek Grant

    Wow, what can I say – great images and it looks fun.

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