Just as some photographers were beginning to optimize their reach on Instagram, a whole new social media platform took every content creator by storm. TikTok has created a unique and diverse space for creators to share content like never before and has increased reach faster and more powerful than Instagram can keep up with. While IG released their newest ‘Reels‘ feature to its 1 billion user base, TikTok, despite the threat of being banned here in the US, is fighting strong with just over 800 million users! Reels still has quite a bit of way to go in terms of providing analytics, customized video features, content length, trending songs and filters, and much more that TikTok is currently capitalizing on.

Here are some inspirational photographers and creators on the app that we think are worth the follow. Whether you are on TikTok just to browse or to gain a following of your own, there is something to learn from each and every creator in terms of how to best utilize the algorithm in your favor or researching popular trends and giving them your own twist.

Wonguy – @wonguy

wonguy tiktokIf you are searching for photography or videography inspiration, Wonguy has got you covered. He offers simple iPhone hacks and tricks for smooth footage and cool photography ideas. He is definitely a creator to watch out for and offers endless inspiration.

Alex Stemp – alex.stemp

alex stemp tiktokWhat if a stranger came up to you, camera in hand, and asked to photograph your portrait? Alex has designed his entire TikTok on the faith that strangers place in his hands. He films the whole process of asking people he meets if he can photograph them and then shows you the results. His videos are fascinating both from a photography standpoint and as a social experiment.

Pye Jirsa – @linandjirsa

pye jirsa tiktokPye has dedicated this TikTok to teaching you how to think creatively with the most basic of cameras: your phone. From simple iPhone camera tricks and recipes to Lightroom Mobile tips, you name it, he’s covered it. He’s also been working on a full course called Creative Photography 101 that will teach these techniques in depth using just your phone as your camera.

Alex Frank – @shotzbyalex

alex frank tiktokIf you’re looking to see what’s on-trend in fashion and portrait photography with the younger generation, look no further. Alex does an incredible job of simplifying and explaining photography processes, poses, and more! She even breaks down how she shot certain images and shares some of her favorite places to shoot portraits in NYC.

David Suh – @davidsuh

davidsuh tiktokDavid centers his TikTok content around reminding the every day women of their beauty through his detailed posing tips and portrait tutorials. He has been featured on Buzzfeed and is known for his body positivity and sheer optimism that can be seen in all of his videos. He has recently taken to critiquing and offering advice on photographers’ portraits.

Jessica Wang – @jessicawangofficial

jessica wang tiktokIf you’re looking for fun photography editing apps to download, cool tricks you can do with just your iPhone, Jessica Wang is your girl. With over 2 million followers on TikTok, Jessica is known for her relatable content and easy-to-follow structure of teaching. She also does a great job at combining fashion tips into her photography tutorials which garners double the amount of views by creating a crossover group.

Jordi Koalitic – @jordi.koalitic

jordi koalitic tiktokJordi is known for his unique and outstanding perspective photography. He finds uncommon compositions and objects/props to include in his bite-sized tutorials. He dabbles in both mobile phone and mirrorless photography and is a great follow to learn some fun techniques with light painting and perspective shooting.

Jason Vinson – @vinsonimages_jason

jason vinson tik tok photographerWhat can’t Jason do? Many of you may recognize Jason from the DVLOP Presets Community or even as one of our SLR Lounge Educational Ambassadors. You can follow him on TikTok for tips on flash and how to change your perspective to create a more interesting photograph.

Karen Cheng – @karenxcheng

karen cheng tiktokKaren has previously worked as a creative director on projects with Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Gucci and the list continues. Her insanely ingenious videography tricks and editing tips are what make her such a unique content creator on all of her social platforms. She breaks down her process and even talks about why she uses and loves certain gear like combining an Insta360 ONE R camera with a fishing pole to create a makeshift crane.

Jeremy Cowart – @heyjeremycowart

heyjeremycowart tiktokWhile TikTok follows major trends based on popular songs and filters, Jeremy sets himself apart by creating works of art on his TikTok feed. From breaking down celebrity headshots to showing the behind-the-scenes process of how he uses Canon Projectors to create powerful portraits.

Who are you following on TikTok that has inspired you to try something new or download a new app? It’s such an addicting social media platform that has a very distinct way of sucking you in and keeping you on the ‘For You’ page. It has also been so encouraging seeing an entirely new generation of photographers learning how to use a camera and understanding photography. It will be interesting to see how this shapes the future generation’s photography work and style as the years progress.