I have a friend (and bless her heart) who posts these wonderful photos of her family on Instagram. Her two perfect children in their cute little house making crafts, playing with their well behaved pets…not a tear, spilled breakfast, hamper of dirty laundry or temper tantrum in sight. Me, on the other hand, as I survey the room, I have two XL dogs chasing each other through an apartment I had neither the time, energy or budget to decorate, my kid’s hair is a mess, it’s dubious if she’s brushed her teeth this week, I’ve certainly not showered yet, there are Cherrios and dog treat crumbs ground into my carpets and the dishes have not been done since Friday. This is real life.

The stuff that is usually portrayed on Instagram is not (at least I hope it’s not because if it were, I would demand a trade). Real life is dirty diapers, crying kids, crayon scribbles and spilled juice on your white pants. Real life is not having two minutes to go to the restroom alone before some child is pounding on the door. Real life is trying to balance 6 bags of groceries, a car seat, your purse, a toy and your phone in one hand and a kicking toddler in the other. Real life is what photographer Danielle Guenther portrays in her oh-so-true series, “Best Case Scenario.”

Behold, *this* is real life:



The series began when Danielle was finishing up a portrait session at her client’s house. The mom laid down on the couch and the photo “Parenting is Exhausting,” was born. There are now 11 photos in the “Best Case Scenario” series and Danielle has received many phone calls requesting her to photograph people’s “real” family portraits. Danielle draws inspiration and ideas from her 5 year old son.

This is real, this is life, this is parenting. Parenting is so ugly, but there are moments that are so beautiful. Just when you think you have it under control and you’re like, ‘Oh, yeah, this is great. My kid’s using his manners,’ they slam the door in your face and they scream at you! But nothing in life is perfect.

Danielle- Guenther-6
Hold On a Sec . . .
Danielle- Guenther-2
Keep Your Head in the “Game”
Danielle- Guenther-3
The Escape Plan
Danielle- Guenther-4
Rush Hour
Danielle- Guenther-5
Playdate (IN)Sanity
Danielle- Guenther-7
Day At The Spa
Danielle- Guenther-8
Cleanup on Aisle 5!
Danielle- Guenther-9
Check, Please!
Danielle- Guenther-10
Oh No!

You can see more of Danielle’s work on her website here.

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