We just released our latest workshop in the SLR Lounge family of educational training systems, Family Photography 101 – The Guide to Authentic and Unique Family Portraits.” This training is an information-packed workshop that’s designed to fast-track your family photography skills to get you out there making money shooting incredible family portraits.


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  • 30+ Lessons, 4+ Hours of Video Content
  • Posing – Natural directing and posing for authentic expressions.
  • Lighting – Simple lighting for flattering results.
  • Creativity – Stand out with creative compositions and ideas.
  • Storytelling – Tell a story for more meaningful images
  • Editing – Full photo editing tutorials to refine your images.
  • Marketing – Learn marketing hacks to supercharge your bookings.

Family Photography 101 – What You’ll Learn

In a survey of nearly 500 photographers, over 50% said that posing, storytelling, and creativity were their most significant challenges in family portraiture. To help, we’re breaking the course down into traditional and lifestyle portraits.

Learn Traditional Portraits

traditional family portrait

For traditional portraiture, we’re going to walk through the steps of scouting a location, setting up the lighting and shot, and working through foundation posing for family portraits. We’re even going to work our way through posing a large extended family portrait session. We often forget that traditional portraits are usually the images that sell best! These are the images that most often make it into albums and onto walls. We’re going to make posing and shooting traditional portraits easy.

Lifestyle Portraits

lifestyle family photography

Then we’re going to walk through the process of planning and executing a lifestyle session with my own family. We’re going to show you how you can plan your way into perfectly candid moments like these. While these shoots are planned, the imagery has a level of meaning and authenticity that goes beyond traditional portraiture. These creative storytelling images are part of a new wave of clients that we’re seeing that want authenticity over everything else. As a photographer and client myself, these are the images that I want for my own family.

family photography spread

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Pose & Direct for the Sweetest Moments

family photography posingUse a Variety of Compositions for Interest


family photography compositionsEdit an Entire Session in One Hour

family photography editing

From there, we’re going to take you into post-production. I’m going to show you how to quickly cull and know which images to keep, which images to toss out. I’m also going to help you understand our Lightroom editing process. The system we use to cull and edit an entire family portrait session in less than an hour!

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Marketing Secrets for More Clients!

family photography marketing

On top of this, we’re going to step into the business side to answer some of your most asked questions when it comes to pricing, digital versus IPS studio models, and how you can creatively market your family photography.

Like all of our workshops, this is an A to Z training system. A system that we use to train our own professional photographers in the art of family photography. Purchase the course here for $99!