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Video: My Favorite Minimal Camera Setup: Canon RF 28 70 F2 and EOS R5

With all the gear that’s been being released in recent years, it’s hard to get excited about new cameras and lenses. However, I finally came across a camera + lens setup that I can get excited to use every time. It’s the Canon RF 28 70 F2 with the Canon EOS R5. This is a simple and minimal camera setup I can confidently take to any photoshoot. The versatility and quality this combo provides make it the perfect to-go setup for nearly any type of photograph.

Recently, I’ve been using this setup for the vast majority of my photoshoots, due to how much the quality mimics that of a prime lens, despite it being a zoom. The low light capabilities and the high-resolution sensor of the R5 make this easily my favorite camera setup. I’ll elaborate on the following reasons why I love this camera so much:

  1. Aesthetics
  2. Prime vs. Zoom Comparison
  3. High-Resolution Sensor
  4. Convenience

The Aesthetics of the Canon RF 28 70 F2

The fact that the quality of this zoom lens is comparable to that of a prime lens is absolutely mind-blowing. Although the lens comes with a high price tag, the image quality it provides is well worth the investment. If I haven’t said it enough already, I’ll say it again. I take this camera with me everywhere.

The Bokeh

canon rf 28 70 f2 bokeh 2

Prime lenses are known for the bokeh, AKA, the blur created by the shallow depth of field.

canon rf 28 70 f2 like 35mm
The Canon RF 28 70 F2 closely resembles the look of a 35 F1.4 prime.

I was blown away when I first photographed with the Canon RF 28 70 F2. With a stunning f/2 aperture, it mimics the aesthetics of a 35mm f/1.4, even with the distance from my subjects.

Prime vs. Zoom Comparison

I teach a framework called “Wide, Medium, Tight.” The idea is to capture a full story of the scene from up close to out far. In the past, I’d have to switch between lenses such as a 24mm to 50mm or a 35mm to 85mm. Now, it’s no longer the case. I can do everything with just the Canon RF 28 70 F2.

I can photograph entire sessions while carrying less gear and get all the shots that I need to get. The versatility and range of this lens are absolutely incredible.

canon rf 28 70 f2 landscape collage
The various levels of depth tell a piece of a cohesive story.

You can also apply this technique to landscapes when there isn’t a single grand image for the scene. With this lens, you can capture a collage of images that tells a story with a variety of images and depths. Photographing this way takes the pressure off of any single image and allows each image to carry the story evenly.

High-Resolution Sensor of the EOS R5

A unique characteristic of this combination is the ability to further than 70mm without needing a different lens. This is thanks to the high-resolution sensor of the Canon EOS R5.

canon rf 28 70 f2 crop image
Significantly cropped in, you can still end up with a printable image.

At 45 megapixels, the image size is massive. If I ever need to crop in an image for a tighter frame, I can do so without losing much quality if at all. See the difference above.

The ability to crop in without loss in quality essentially gives us a telephoto lens without a telephoto lens. We can reframe and create a whole image by shooting at 70mm and just cropping out what we need in post.

This isn’t to say that this can or should replace the telephoto lens entirely. It’s not good practice to crop every image down just because the ability to do so is there. Telephoto lenses such as the 70-200mm serve a very specific purpose and I only use them for a small percentage of my images. When I need telephoto images for clients, I’ll most certainly bring the telephoto with me.

The Canon RF 28 70 F2 with the high-resolution body provides an alternative for when I’m on the go. It’s incredibly versatile for when I’m traveling with my family or out with my kids. Without the extra gear, I can quickly and easily get all the images I want. All of this brings me to one final point.

Convenience of the Canon RF 28 70 F2

canon rf 28 70 f2 versatility

Let’s face it. We live in the age of convenience. The EOS R5 paired with the Canon RF 28 70 F2 is all about convenience while still retaining quality. Having a setup as versatile as this makes my workflow much easier. I can take less equipment and still get to the vision I had in mind. From engagements to editorials to landscapes, this setup does the job.


I hope you all enjoyed this article/video. With our own distinct styles, we all have our own go-to setups we carry with us everywhere. I encourage you to look for a combination that is efficient while still capable of capturing your vision. With the aesthetics of a prime and function of a zoom, the Canon RF 28 70 F2 with the Canon EOS R5 is that perfect combination in my view. Be sure to give the gear a try and see what your best combination is!

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