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Nikon Reveals 100th Anniversary Gear & Pricing

July 25th this year will mark 100 years of Nikon bringing quality photography gear to market, and along the way has...

Nikon Officially Unveils Its 100th Anniversary Edition Lenses & Camera Bodies

The Japanese multinational corporation, Nikon, has been specializing in optics of all kinds since July 25th, 1917,...

Wedding Workshop Four | Photographing The Couple: Favorite Lenses Used For 10,000 Couples Portraits

Favorite Lenses Used For 10,000 Couples Portraits Which lenses should you use throughout a wedding day? The answer,...

What’s Your Go-To Wedding Photography Lens: 24-70mm or 70-200mm?

You are ready to make your first big purchase to get into wedding photography - so which one will it be?

You’ve Got To Photograph The President, Do You Use 10 y/o Canon 1Ds Mark III or Canon 5D Mark III?

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Could This Be The Successor To The Venerable Canon 28-300mm f/5.6?

Canon's now patented an unusual 2 38-560mm f/2.8-56L lenses. Is this shaping up to be the 28-300mm replacement?

Are The “Best” Lenses The Most Expensive, And Do You Need Them?

Sometimes the best lens for you isn't the one that's most expensive, and not because of cost.

Best Lenses For Wedding Photography According To 13 Top Wedding Photographers

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Nikon D810 For $500 Off, D750 Is $300 Off, 25% Off CreativeLive, & More (Deal Dash)

There are massive sales at the moment on major camera bodies from Canon, Nikon & Fuji, and on lenses and education....

An Intense Illustration of Lens Compression Executed With A 2000mm Lens

This demonstration is masterful at fooling the senses, and illustrating the power of lens compression.