I am passionate about a lot of things, but in terms of my career, what’s probably most important is my passion for travel and my passion for photography. Maybe those are too obvious, but I didn’t take a straight path to arrive at either.

I first fell in love with photography as a teenager. I felt creative behind the camera and in the darkroom; I felt like I had control over my voice and the way I saw the world. I wanted to shoot more adventurous things, but I lived in Connecticut, so I went to the beach. The beach with my camera was where I went when I needed to feel a little freer.

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I didn’t study photography in college and instead opted for a broader course of study in visual arts and environmental studies. I’d spend my summers as a camp counselor and eventually guided wilderness expeditions to develop my outdoor skills further. After graduating from college, I spent almost three years living out of my backpack and guiding trips all over the world for high school students. I guided in Europe, Asia, Australia, Central America and in the States. I started a blog to share my experiences on the road and the trail, and eventually picked up a camera again to document them. It felt like coming home.

I think photography gives you the huge opportunity to connect people across lives and worlds. I hope that my work shows the connection between all things, and makes viewers think a little deeper about their role in the bigger picture. I hope to spark curiosity and conversations.

As a photographer, I aim to communicate the wonder of this world and the stories that can be found within it when you ask good questions.


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