Sigma, the Lens manufacturer we all know and love, has recently come to social media, (it’s Czech Republic Facebook page), to announce it will be halting production on Pentax compatible K Mount lenses to focus on mirrorless. The reasoning behind this is the declining numbers on the Pentax front with a clear market upswing into mirrorless, which Sigma is quoted as believing is “the future.

Check out the original post (and translation) below;

“Sigma today apparently causes the thinning community of Pentax users, since it decided to completely end the production of lenses with bayonet Pentax during the autumn Instead, it is planning to focus more on developing and supporting the mirrorless systems in which they see the future”

The move may come as a blow to the Pentax community seeking additional lens options for their cameras, but the manufacturer still offers about 14 different lenses for it’s full frame cameras and a much greater selection for it’s APS-C line.

At this point, Sigma still has a variety of lenses available for Pentax users, it just seems like nothing new, or additional will be manufactured. We’ve not received any official confirmation, but it’s also likely that what’s out there on the market for Pentax currently, may be the last we’ll see from Sigma. Once it’s gone, that’s it!

What do you think of this news? Are you a Pentax shooter and will this affect your work? Let us know in the comments below. I know that personally as a recent convert to mirrorless, i’m excited to see more 3rd party lenses start making native mount versions of their lenses for mirrorless, how about you?

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