I love all things bohemian/gypsy-ish.  I am obsessed with Free People, and Spell and the Gypsy. I love cruising their Instagram accounts and pulling inspiration from their amazing styling and photos. I also love shopping, so I have been buying pieces for my styled shoots anytime I see something good!

Nicole and I had been talking about shooting for a while now, and when I had a client reschedule I called Nicole and informed her she was getting in front of my camera in three days! Since I have a little bit of a shopping problem (or so my fiancé says), all I asked of her was to practice her “sexy” face! A friend offered to do her make-up and I curled her hair.

With her being 6 feet tall, I knew I needed to get some amazing full body shots of her. We started playing with the blanket topless. Then I asked if we could do some fully nude (nice way to break the ice right?) 10 frames in. I shot a close up first cropped right under her butt, and when I asked her if side booty would be ok to post and she said, “totally!” I instantly took a few steps back and started shooting.

50mm F2.5 1/2500 ISO320
50mm F2.5 1/2500 ISO320

Camera and Lenses

Camera: Canon 5D Mark II
Lens: Canon 50mm f/1.4, Canon 85mm f/1.8, Canon 35mm f/1.4

50mm F2.5 1/2500 ISO320
50mm F2.5 1/2500 ISO320
50mm F2.5 1/1250 ISO320
50mm F2.5 1/1250 ISO320

I live in California, and I’m pretty sure this year our winter got lost on the East coast!  We started shooting around 3:30pm, with that yummy “golden hour” light that I am addicted to! I shoot 100% natural light with the help of a reflector sometimes. Shooting this in full sun, I needed to bounce a little light onto her. Here is my simple set up, nothing fancy:

Photo Editing

When I started culling this session and came across the final image, I immediately knew I had “the one!”

  1.  I opened the image in ACR and adjusted the temperature, and fill light.
  2.  I then transferred over to Photoshop and started with a little skin smoothing and skin tone adjusting.
  3. I adjusted the brightness with a new curve layer.
  4. I used the stamp tool to remove all the cow patties (yes I make my clients pose in poop!)
  5.  And finally, I added a matte layer by playing with curves.

Before & After Images



If you shoot Boudoir or are interested in it, bribe a friend or find a model and take them outside! Trust me, once you do you will never want to go back into a studio again.

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