Beyond capturing some of the most important moments in their clients’ lives, wedding photographers also often help with smaller, non-photography-related details. One common issue that arises involves the groom or his groomsmen needing help with their boutonnieres. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a picture perfect result by pinning it yourself rather than waiting for someone else to show up and lend a hand?

Pinning a boutonniere is a handy skill, and it’s an easy way to impress your clients on the wedding day; we’re going to show you how to do it in 60 seconds.

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STEP #1: Place the Boutonniere

If you are facing the person, the boutonniere should go to the right of the tie., usually covering the opening on the lapel. Make sure the boutonniere is lower than the tie but above the pocket square.

STEP #2: Make a Taco

Fold the lapel over the boutonniere, making a taco shape that allows you to see the back of the lapel.

STEP #3: Insert the needle from the back of the lapel at a downward angle

Insert the needle at a downward angle and run it through both sides of the lapel, as well as the stem of the boutonniere. It’s important to insert the needle at a downward angle to ensure that the needle doesn’t fall out throughout the wedding day.

After you’ve pinned the boutonniere, make sure that you can’t see the needle from the front. You can also add a second needle if you need a little more stability.

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