Lindsay-Adler-Photography-Queen-of-the-Desert-Editorial-Noise Magazine-2014-Desert-Holly-66 copy-2It’s only the first day of February, but Lindsay Adler has already been up and taking the world by storm this year. Fresh off a stellar year last year, Lindsay is currently prepping for her upcoming 32 city tour, Body Beautiful, launching her new posing guides and focusing in on the beautiful human body, from fine art nudes, to boudoir and of course, fashion. She’s teaching at all the major tradeshows and CreativeLive in between and still is finds time to travel around the world shooting in exotic places for her commercial clients.


Lindsay-Adler-Photography-Queen-of-the-Desert-Editorial-Noise Magazine-2014-Desert-Holly-19 copy-2

One of her recent fashion editorial pieces took her to the desert sands of Dubai and was featured in Noise Magazine. For this shoot, Lindsay used 100% natural light, with the aid of a Wescott 30in and 40in silver-white reflector at times, a Canon 5D Mark II and the Sigma 24-105mm f/4, the Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 and a Spider Holster.

A shoot in the desert must begin early, as by noon, the sun gets unbearable and will send anyone running for the respite of shade and air conditioning. The crew began at 4:30am to prep the model for hair and makeup before trekking into the deserts of UAE. As you can probably imagine after the sun comes out, it’s a race against time to get all the shots before it gets too hot to even stand on the sand. Lindsay and her crew shot in two areas on the sand dunes before the sun chased them away.

Check out her awesome images from the shoot:

Lindsay-Adler-Photography-Queen-of-the-Desert-Editorial-Noise Magazine-2014-Desert-Holly-21 copy-2

Watch the Behind the Scenes Video

Lindsay-Adler-Photography-Queen-of-the-Desert-Editorial-Noise Magazine-2014-Desert-Holly-34 copy-2 Lindsay-Adler-Photography-Queen-of-the-Desert-Editorial-Noise Magazine-2014-Desert-Holly-42 copy-2 Lindsay-Adler-Photography-Queen-of-the-Desert-Editorial-Noise Magazine-2014-Desert-Holly-57 copy-2 Lindsay-Adler-Photography-Queen-of-the-Desert-Editorial-Noise Magazine-2014-Desert-Holly-73 copy-2 Lindsay-Adler-Photography-Queen-of-the-Desert-Editorial-Noise Magazine-2014-Desert-Holly-93 copy-2

Lindsay-Adler-Photography-Queen-of-the-Desert-Editorial-Noise Magazine-2014-Desert-Holly-29 copy-2

Of course a shoot like this would not be possible without a team of talented people behind the scenes:

Creative Team:

  • Photographer: Lindsay Adler
  • Stylist: Holly Suan Gray
  • Model: Agnieszka at Bareface
  • Hair: Helga Bosman Hairstylist
  • Makeup: Natasha Zaki
  • Video editor: Tamara Stampone

Don’t forget to check out Lindsay’s new Body Beautiful Tour. In this tour you’ll learn how to flatter the human form, no matter the body type. Learn to control the appearance of the body in your images for portrait, boudoir, fine art nude and fashion. A must see if you want to master posing and much more!  Use code “BBTTW1″ to save  $20 off of the body beautiful tour workshop.

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