Looking for something creative to watch to get inspired while under the lockdown? Well we’ve got some good news for you! AdoramaTV has just launched Season 7 of their “Through the Lens” YouTube series.  This season of Through The Lens highlights the evolving landscape of photography as seen through the lens of this generation’s creators. TTL is a part of Adorama’s #CreateNoMatterWhat campaign, a community-based hashtag to engage creators to encourage each other, mentor, educate, and bring their skills to an even higher level with gear and educational content while at home.

New episodes will air each Sunday, highlighting a notable photographer’s work, background, and creative processes. Check out episode 1 of the new season featuring Ted Chin below;

Three episodes have aired so far;

  • Episode One (Featured above) highlights freelance photographer and digital artist Ted Chin. Chin shares his beginnings as a photographer and artist, as well as the creative processes behind his project, “Ted’s Little Dream,” which explores the blending of real-life photographs with photoshop techniques for playful, yet mystic finished products.
  • Episode two highlights filmmaker and professional climber Renan Ozturk as he talks about his journey as a photographer shooting honey hunters in Nepal and the peaks of Mount Everest. Ozturk explains his passion for cinema and photography is to bring awareness to issues and voices to cultures that need them amplified.SLR Lounge Adorama TV Ep2 Ozturk2
  • Episode three features portrait and fashion photographer Jessica Kobeissi. Kobeissi shares her story of choosing the arts over a medical profession as an Arab female in Detroit and the messaging she tries to convey specifically of women through her photography.

SLR Lounge Adorama TV Ep3 Kobeissi2

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Don’t forget that new episodes will air every Sunday and upcoming episodes will feature creators such as Anya Anti and Jude Allen! They’ll be loaded with a lot more inspiration, motivation, and behind the scenes look at how these artists do what they do to help you get inspired to get out and create no matter what!

I’ve watched the first two episodes so far, and here are my thoughts; Ted Chin’s work is kind of amazing! I’ve always been intrigued by composite work in this way. The images are surreal and I’ve never really learned or looked into how to create them. With this recent downtime it’s inspired me to dive into that side of the photo-world and I’ve purchased a few tutorials to help speed up that process! As for Episode 2 with Renan Ozturk, wow, all I can say is I had mild anxiety issues with heights before, and the thought of doing what he does terrifies me in all the right ways! You get a standing ovation sir! Be sure to have a look at these & be sure to subscribe to the upcoming episodes. Don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below!