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Canon-EOS-M-Top-EF-M-22mm-f2.0 Gear Rumors

New Rumor Pegs EOS-M3 For Possible Q3 Release This Year!

By Anthony Thurston on April 14th 2014

Yesterday we shared the new Canon patent for a brand new EF-M mount lens, and today we have more Canon mirrorless rumors for you. According to the latest chatter, Canon may be gearing up to release the new EOS M3 in Q3 of this year, meaning it would most likely debut at Photokina in September.


The rumor goes on to say that the camera will be split into two different models, a body more aimed at the consumer market and a model more aimed at the prosumer market. It is unclear what exactly the difference would be between those two camera models, but you could expect the more prosumer model to more closely resemble the Canon 70D, while the consumer model more closely resemble something like the Canon T5i.

If this turns out to be true, this could be the long rumored “relaunch” of the Canon EOS-M series in the US and Europe. We expected that to happen with the EOS-M2 but that never happened, in fact the EOS-M2 is still not even available in the US. As I am on the record saying, I love my EOS-M, and while it does have flaws, it is still a very capable camera.

Canon EOS M

If Canon can fix the small things like AF (maybe with one of those fancy new Dual Pixel AF sensors) and the ergonomics, then I could see this maybe being a great option for Canon shooters who want to give mirrorless a shot.

Would you welcome a new EOS M3, and give it a shot, or did the first one put you off too much?Will Canon get it right, or will they restart Groundhog’s Day like Nikon has done with their mirrorless lineup? Leave a comment below to discuss.

[Via Canon Rumors]

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Q&A Discussions

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  1. MJPerkinoid

    I bought an M w/ 22mm pancake on a whim. Oops, I accidentally luv it! Took it on a 3 day backpacking trip in western NC last fall. The results were fantastic and far beyond what I would expect from such a small package. And it was a lot of fun to use/interact with it.

    It prompted me to buy the EF lens adapter so I can use it for more situations. My only gripe – can’t do long exposures (ie star tails x 60 minutes) at ISO 100.

    Samples you say? All these NC pics were from this camera:

    | |
  2. Ironymous

    A year later, I still can’t get over just how great my EOS-M works with my 35mm Summilux ASPH and 75mm Summarit. EOS-M + Leica M lenses above 28mm are just superb — why shoot Leica R for pro quality video when you can use the real thing?

    Things I love about it:
    1. Superb image & video quality when combined with Leica M lenses
    2. Very good image quality from the 22mm pancake
    3. Touchscreen + almost non-existent buttons rocks!
    4. Excellent size and design, far better than the Sony RX1
    5. Compact and solid, feels far more well built than – again – the RX1

    I hope Canon will come out with an M3 version for video pros. Never mind the AF, just give us the following:
    1. Built-in electronic viewfinder
    2. Just very slightly longer body — the current one is miles better than the Sony RX1, but it’s still too cramped
    3. No need for a built-in grip, give us the option to add one instead
    4. Better battery life
    5. Hmm. That’s about it, really.

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  3. Duskrider

    I use the EOS-M as my walking around camera and I really, really like it. The picture quality for a camera that equals a compact in terms of weight and size is quite astounding. I’m excited about the M3 simply because it should mean that the lens lineup will continue to both grow and be available in NA. The bokeh of the 18-55 kit lens is beautiful and the depth of field control on such a small camera is a sales feature all by itself. I use a 6D and L glass otherwise, so it’s nice to have a much lighter option to carry around without feeling like you are sacrificing good pictures for it.

    The EOS-M just sucks at action photography but is otherwise solid.

    | |
  4. Gustavo Lara

    Gracias a la reseña que aquí publicaron sobre la EOS M para video, yo adquirí una y el igual que usted me encanta la cámara, como dice hay algunos detalles que hay que mejorar enfocado principalmente al AF. Yo la uso como 3ra cámara de video junto con dos NEX EA-50 y me va muy bien solo un poco de corrección de color para igualarla con las otras cámaras. Yo aceptaría una una nueva EOS M3 siempre y cuando el precio sea el correcto.

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