You love the look of natural light, but it limits you to shooting at certain times of day and relying on mother nature. Let’s take away that limitation, because contrary to common misconception, flash CAN look like natural light.

We’re proud to introduce Lighting 4 – Creating Every Natural Light Effect Using Flash, the fourth course in the Location Lighting Mastery Series. Watch the trailer below to see all the incredible lighting techniques we cover in this course:

Purchase the Course

You can purchase Lighting 4 below or stream it along with our 30+ of our other courses as part of SLR Lounge Premium, an annual subscription that gives you access to EVERY workshop created by SLR Lounge.

Flash Photography Training System

Today, we’re also releasing the complete Flash Photography Training System, a series of workshops that includes Lighting 101, Lighting 201, Lighting 3, and Lighting 4. This full training system is the best way to learn flash photography, opening up your creative opportunities and giving you full control of any scene.

Flash Photography Training System
Flash Photography Training System

The Flash Photography Training System is just $299, which is over 40% off of the retail price of the individual workshops.  Access the system and find out more information here.

Note: This full training system is also available in SLR Lounge Premium, an annual subscription that gives you access to all of our workshops.

What to Expect from Lighting 4

The new workshop is fast-paced and builds on the knowledge gained from Lighting 101 through Lighting 3. We’re going to work through nearly 20 scenes from start to finish, showing you how to set up and light each scene. We also provide you with over 50 exercise files so that you can work alongside us in post to achieve the final look.

You’ll walk away from this course with:

  • 19 Lighting Patterns and Recipes: for re-creating authentic and refined natural light using flash.
  • The Perfect Lighting Kit for Your Budget: featuring a variety of affordable & highly portable gear,
  • Power Translations: no matter what gear you use, you’ll know our exact camera and flash power settings throughout each scene.
  • The Ability To See & Create Incredible Images: with our C.A.M.P framework, you’ll never struggle to find unique ways to capture subjects in any scene, anywhere.

The location Lighting Series is the gold standard in lighting education, and since it’s inception, we’ve become official educational partners and ambassadors for MagMod and Profoto Legends of Light. We love teaching the creative possibilities that come through mastering lighting, and we know you’re going to love Lighting 4.

Sample Images from Lighting 4

We hope to see you in the community, and please reach out if you have any questions about the workshop.