This week Movo Photo has launched a new Boundary mic and the SPL Series of lenses for smartphones bringing more tools to the mobile photographer and streamer worlds.

The Movo SPL Smartphone Lens Series comprises 3 different, high-quality, universal, clip-on lenses designed specifically for use with smartphones, both iOS and Android. Each lens offers a dynamic and unique perspective solution including fisheye, telephoto, and wide-angle. The Movo SPL series of lenses safely and conveniently attaches to any smartphone camera system without any additional hardware needed. It creates a dynamic photo and video capture experience on any smartphone by providing a variety of visual perspectives.

Movo Smartphone Lenses (SPL Series) models:

  • SPL-FE Super Fisheye Lens: 238-degree, clip-on lens for smartphones; $39.95
  • SPL-TELE Telephoto Lens: 3X zoom perspective, clip-on lens for smartphones; $39.95
  • SPL-WA Wide Angle Lens: 18-mm perspective, clip-on lens for smartphones; $39.95

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“Movo’s venture into smartphone lenses was a natural transition as we strive to continue supporting the content creation community with innovation, convenience and performance,” said Ben Halberstam, CEO of Movo.

Movo’s mission is to make sure that every creator has access to high-quality products at accessible prices. The SPL lenses further this goal by helping users get the most out of their new expensive smartphone cameras, users can easily add a 3 X zoom or fisheye perspective with just a “click,” then go back to their regular setup just as easy. With the SPL lens series, users can upgrade their expensive smartphone camera to the ultimate creator camera with just a “snap,” all without breaking the bank.

Movo MC-2000 Wireless USB Boundary Conferencing Microphone System

  • Low-profile 2.4-GHz wireless desktop microphone with wireless receiver
  • Broadcast-quality audio while capturing 360-degree sound
  • Onboard noise cancellation technology

Also being released in Q1 is Movo’s new MC2000 Wireless USB Boundary Conferencing Microphone System ($249.95) featuring a low-profile 2.4-GHz wireless desktop microphone with a wireless receiver. The MC-2000 is plug-and-play with no drivers needed and has broadcast-quality audio while capturing 360-degree sound covering a 10-meter radius, elevated with noise-canceling technology making it the ultimate conferencing tool. Movo’s new MV-T5 Full-Size Aluminum Video Tripod ($49.95) makes the perfect standard accessory for just about any setup.

MC 2000 1

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To learn more about the Movo SPL Smartphone Lens Series, please visit The new microphone seems quite interesting to me personally, given how most of our working worlds have shifted to remote and work from home situations.  We’ve put in a request to review the USB Boundary mic ourselves, but until we get hands-on with it, let us know what questions you have or thoughts in the comments below so we can be sure to address them once the products arrive!

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