Street photography is often considered one of the most difficult forms of photography out there. Not only do you have to be out in the elements and even sometimes in areas that could be unsafe, but you’ve also got to be fast, inconspicuous, patient, and extra vigilant! With street photography, there’s always a “moment” waiting to happen, and usually, they are a blink and you’ll miss it kind of deal. This is why Edas Wong‘s work is so extraordinarily captivating!

Taking a look at his Instagram, you’d swear there was a lucky charm sitting on his shoulder, being in the right place at the right time every time! However, once you speak with I’m you’ll realize it’s more about finding something interesting, and then, a LOT of waiting. Wong is able to identify these scenes that could possibly happen in an instant and is able to quickly capture them to share with the world

Edas Wong Street Photography 9

Whether it’s a commuter unknowingly mimicking the ad right behind them or an elephant seemingly blowing a cloud out of its trunk, the images he captures never cease to impress.

Edas Wong Street Photography 12

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Wong started shooting about 10 years ago and started with Street work right away since there was no “special” gear needed beyond learning how to focus on his surroundings to find those fleeting moments to capture.  Regardless of your niche in the industry or particular focus, Edas Wong’s work is a reminder to always be present and aware of the moment, as you never know when something magical will pass you by.

As Wong himself says, most of the work is simply being at the right place at the right time. And the time part just requires patience! He’s quoted saying one of his images took several months to capture after he found the right perspective. He spent nearly 3 months waiting each night for just the right moment to happen before finally clicking the shutter.

Wong said that was one of the most difficult photos he’s ever taken. It’s a perfect example of the photographer’s tenacity to see an idea through.

Edas Wong Street Photography 8

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“I hope people laugh after seeing my photos in this gloomy time, we need positive energy.”

Edas Wong Street Photography 15

“Photography is a language of expression,” Wong said. “Find your ‘being’ and then express them via photography. On the street, just concentrate, observe, and shoot. Street photography is not [the] same as landscape photography, there is no standard way of composition.”

Man In A Hurry - Edas Wong
Man In A Hurry - Edas Wong

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Have you done much street photography like this? Were you able to capture any magical moments as well? Be sure to let us know and share your work in the comments below.

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