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Mini Review of Peak Design’s Everyday Backpack & Sling | Facebook Live

By Pye Jirsa on October 6th 2016

We had the chance to get our hands on Peak Design’s unbelievably durable Everyday Bags, hand crafted with the photographer in mind. In this mini review we will be showcasing the features of 2 of the 4 available options in their Everyday lineup: the Sling & the 30L Backpack.


Watch our demo & mini review on our SLRL Facebook Page here:

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Judging a bag by its cover


The company’s name resonates in every facet of the design elements incorporated in each product; glistening chrome hardware embossed with the PD initials, and polished charcoal or ash grey fabric lining the exteriors. It is easy to understand why Peak Design has raised nearly 6.6 million dollars on Kickstarter to fund their incomparable products. While the Sling retails for $135 USD and the 30L for $229, the value is visible in the diligent craftsmanship and structure of these bags, designed to be your everyday workhorse.

The Everyday Sling


Meant for the purpose of short travel trips and portable use, the Everyday Sling has the capacity to store roughly 3-4 lenses and a DSLR body while still maintaining a light-weight nature. We found that it serves the need to carry our essentials, our bread and butter camera body, and lenses that we work to the bone and can’t live without. Retailing for a special Kickstarter price of $135 USD, this bag is the perfect combination of functionality & versatility, providing utility for both everyday and travel use.

The Everyday Backpack


Coming in two equally capable sizes, the Everyday Backpack is truly a one-of-a-kind portable storage unit. The 20L is designed for average and light carry, allowing for one DSLR body and three nice zooms, which means if you work with just primes you may be able to fit in more if need be. The 30L on the other hand can hold your main DSLR body, a backup, and up to 5 lenses, which is actually too much storage if you ask me. Both are capable of holding 15 inch laptops without causing any discomfort which is a nice upgrade from the Sling for those that edit on the go.


Peak Design‘s innovative MagLatch™ system may be the “only bag closure mechanism ever designed that is no-look, one-handed, quiet and secure”, and you can see it for yourself in the video above when we tested it! The Backpack is also chock-full of zippered compartments that provide storage for memory cards, cables, card readers, smaller lighting accessories, cell phones, and so much more.

Custom Compartments


Both the Backpack and the Sling come with modular inserts that can be molded and shaped to fit your needs, and long gone are the days where you worry about stacking lenses atop one another because Peak Design‘s patented FlexFold dividers take compartmentalization to a whole new level. With simple velcro adjustability, you can efficiently organize your gear and create custom walls and cubbies for storage with ease.

Is this the bag for you?

With the immaculate design and tailored customization, Peak Design once again hits it out of the ball park with the Everyday lineup, with each tier offering a unique utility and purpose for photographers. We place trust in their ingenuity and impeccable attention to detail as it is clear to see that they are in the business of designing bags with our labor in mind. In this case, innovation resonates beyond just the product as Peak Design gives users the ability to reinvent one of the most important asset’s in a photographer’s toolkit.

Check out more below, and check out the Kickstarter here.

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