He’s been called a Photoshop wizard by people who have seen his work and the title suits him well. Buenos Aires based digital artist and art director Martin De Pasquale creates a blended world of reality and fantasy in his photo manipulations. His art is at times comical and ironic, other times macabre and often times focused on the mortality of his body – a commentary of the world around him.

As an artist and visual communicator, I am always exploring unexpected visual strategies to convey my idea. The essence of my photos is to visualize the physically impossible in a form of photo manipulation.

Martin’s surreal world of fantasy tricks the mind as the viewer is thrust into a bizarre, yet magical world. A world of little Martins stealing a big Martin’s heart, or where an apple is taking bites out of Martin wearing a red shirt, aptly titled, “Karma.” Martin seems to be a master of blurring the lines of fun and horror, dreams and real life while in them all, somehow is still witty and sardonic with a thought provoking message. He wants to raise questions to the external world, audience and society. He has worked with many brands, design studios and photographers around the world to share his unique vision meant to “shock people or make them smile with some society critics.


As you view the images below, enter the magical world of Martin De Pasquale and then watch in wonder at the video where he shows you exactly how he manipulates one of his images.



photoshop-martin-de-pasquale-4 Photoshop-Martin-de-pasquale-7 Photoshop-Martin-de-pasquale-9 Photoshop-Martin-De-Pasquale-10 Photoshop-Martin-De-Pasquale-11 Photoshop-Martin-de-Pasquale-12 Photoshop-Martin-de-Pasquale-13

See how this image was created in the video below

See more of Martin de Pasquale’s incredible work on Facebook or Behance

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[via Bored Panda/YouTube]