We’ve teamed up with Adorama to bring you a new series of photography tutorials called “Master Your Craft” to be featured on their YouTube Channel. Subscribe to see more of our videos on their channel throughout the next couple of months that will cover photography, lighting, posing, and editing education to help you hone your skills and master your craft.

In Part 1, we discussed and taught you our Foundation Posing Framework and showed you the first 5 couples poses every photographer should learn. In Part 2, you’ll learn 20+ couples poses in less than 10 minutes to take your couple’s photos to the next level. You’ll soon learn it’s all about the posing and direction you give your clients to elicit genuine and authentic emotion.


Once you’ve mastered the Foundation Posing Framework there are small micro-poses and variations you can make in body language and eye direction that will completely change the pose.

For more information on couples posing and directing make sure you check our SLR Lounge Premium. Tune in next week to watch the second part two this posing tutorial only on Adorama’s YouTube channel!