Note: The interface may change if Bluehost updates their layout. If this is the case, please let us know in the comments and we will try our best to update the screenshots.

1. Log in to Bluehost

If you do not have a hosting account, be sure to sign up here.

2. Click the WordPress Icon

In your Hosting Dashboard, find the WordPress Icon under the “Website Builders” section.


3. Click Install

Click the large “Install” button.


4. Select Your Domain and Directory

Be careful! If you have multiple domains, make sure you are installing on the correct domain. If you install on the incorrect domain, you will wipe out all of the existing databases and lose all of your information.

If you would like your WordPress installation to exist within a directory, enter the directory name in the field that says “directory.” In most cases, you will want to leave this blank.


FAQ: When would You Want to Install on a Directory?

You may choose to install WordPress within a directory if you want an entirely separate website on that directory. For example, we separate linandjirsablog from because we want to give the client a completely separate experience. However, this means that we installed WordPress twice, once on and another on If we had only installed it on, then linandjirsablog would not have any content and would return an error.

5. Set Advanced Options

Be sure to click the “Advanced Options” checkbox and input the following information.

A. As mentioned, click on the “Show advanced options” checkbox

B. Enter Your Site Name and Title.  For instructions on the best title, please see our SEO and Web Marketing Book.

C. Enter an Admin Username.  Do not use the default “admin” because a unique username is an added level of security.

D. Enter a Unique Password

E. Click “Install Now”