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Little Mermaid Inspired Wedding Shoot Will Make Your Fairy Tale Dreams Come True

By Hanssie on October 29th 2014

Every little girl dreams of her wedding day. You just need to look at the sheer amount of Pinterest boards related to the subject as proof that even not-so-little girls fantasize about what their big day will look like. Add to that some Disney magic and you have the recipe for a dream fairy tale wedding.


Designed by Your Cloud Parade, the first online marketplace where a wedding couple can shop and design their wedding all in one spot, and Traci Hines (who models as the red-headed Ariel), this Hipster Little Mermaid inspired wedding photo shoot has some adorable elements worthy of your “I’m not engaged, but if I ever do here are some ideas” Pinterest board – wait, am I the only one that has one of those?

The team wanted to re-create the Ariel & Prince Eric from the Disney fairy tale, The Little Mermaid, as a modern hipster wedding couple. Photographed by Orange County wedding photographers Mark Brooke Photography and  Mathieu Photo, this fantasy photo shoot has everything but Sebastian and Scuttle whispering softly in Prince Eric’s ear to “kiss de girl.”

Little-Mermaid-Shoot-2 Little-Mermaid-Shoot-3 Little-Mermaid-Shoot-4 Little-Mermaid-Shoot-5

I love the little details in this shoot, from the invites to the desserts and especially the shell around Ariel’s neck. Stylized photo shoots such as this one not only help us as photographers have fun and practice, they also allow us to have endless creative ideas as well.

Seeing the images from this shoot makes me want to grab a few friends and set up a themed shoot of my own. Who’s with me?


[20140908]_0191 Little-Mermaid-Shoot-7 Little-Mermaid-Shoot-8 Little-Mermaid-Shoot-9 Little-Mermaid-Shoot-10 Little-Mermaid-Shoot-11

To see more photos from this shoot, click here. If you want to purchase some of the items from this shoot in case you’re planning your own fairy tale wedding, click here.

A shoot like this takes many people to pull together and is a collaborative effort. The hard work of not only the photographers, but all the models and vendors as well.

Produced by: Your Cloud Parade
Bride: Traci Hines
Designed by Your Cloud Parade’s: Lauren Coats
Groom: Leo Camacho
Videography: Sweet T Studios
Photography: Mark Brooke Photography, and Mathieu photo and Dillon Phommasa Photo
Hair & Makeup: 10.11 Makeup
Cake & Desserts: Sweet and Saucy Shop
Florist: A Blooming Bud
Silk Floral: Afloral
Your Cloud Parade Vendors:
Bridal Gown:
Hair Pieces:
Paper Goods:
Bow Tie:
Plaid Skirts:
Shell Stir Sticks:
Geometric Planters:
Air Plants:
Wands & Streamers:
Shell Crop Tops: Adorkable Apparel
Shell Rings: Siren’s Grotto
Tulle Skirts: Dark Pony Designs

Mer-sister Bridesmaids (models):
Charis Lincoln
Brytni Jean
Vanessa Walton
Helena Levin
Joanna Lynn
Amber Arden

[Via Cosmopolitan]



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Hanssie is a Southern California-based writer and sometimes portrait and wedding photographer. In her free time, she homeschools, works out, rescues dogs and works in marketing for SLR Lounge. She also blogs about her adventures and about fitness when she’s not sick of writing so much. Check out her work and her blog at Follow her on Instagram

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  1. Jason Boa

    Different folks Different strokes – I wonder what there grandkids will think of these photos ?

    | |
  2. Aaron Cheney

    So creative! I love the pics

    | |
  3. Andrew Von Haden

    Seems like cosplay to me ;)

    | |
  4. Alan Dawson

    That was incredibly dumb. Talk about ‘barely’ inspired. This shoot is about as inspired as novels ‘based on a true story’.

    Red hair near the sea? Wow what incredible creativity. So much of it only two people bothered to reply.

    | |
  5. Daniel Thullen

    I love this idea. (Is a Frozen inspired wedding in someone’s future too?) The photos are awesome. I love the photograph of the bridal party with the surfers in the background. The only thing that could have made them better would have been a beautiful blue OC beach sky.

    | |
  6. Brandon Dewey

    I bet that was a fun wedding to shoot.

    | |