Wedding days can seem hectic, especially if you’re just starting out. When I was shooting my first weddings, I always had a shot list with me just as a reminder of what to capture. I didn’t have anything detailed, just the basic shots I gathered from some online research written down on a piece of paper. While not fancy, that shot list sure did help me a lot when the weddings seemed to move so fast and I was trying to capture everything all at once it seemed.


In the video below, wedding photographer Jasmine Star talks about why it’s a good idea to have a shot list, especially if you’re just starting out.


I totally agree with Jasmine on having a shot list when you’re new to wedding photography. The days move so quickly when you’re shooting your first weddings that having a list can help you focus in and get the shots that you need or want to make. Personally, now that I’ve photographed enough weddings to know what I want to shoot or need to shoot for my couples, the only time I have a shot list is for family formals. For me, family formals are the only time I feel a shot list is crucial because I want to make sure we capture an image or two of every group of family and friends that are important or special to my couple.




The video covers just one part of a wedding day and to see the rest of Jasmine’s shot list you will have to purchase it over on her site. While we’re not affiliated with Jasmine, I felt the video was a good reminder to make sure you have a sound idea of what you want to shoot on a wedding day, helping you to deliver the best product possible for your clients. If you wanted to create a shot list from scratch, I suggest reaching out to a few local wedding photographers you’re friends with and asking them for their thoughts on what you need to capture. I will add that I had too many shots on my list for my first few weddings. I suggest keeping it simple and getting the safe shots, such as the dress, the bride getting into her dress, rings, etc. and as you shoot more weddings and the day starts to slow down for you, start to create multiple images of each detail or moment.

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