Camera+ has to be one of my favorite iPhone apps to use when I use my phone to take a quick picture. Its interface provides ample versatility with speed, pro-functions and editing capabilities. I’m not the only one praising this iPhone app – Camera+ has sold over 10 million copies, and is one of the most well-liked third party camera apps out there.

Camera+ regularly costs $3 at the App Store, but now you can snag it for free, and only for a limited time– the offer ends November 16th.

If you head to the iOS App Store right now, it’ll still say $3, that’s because Apple is offering the free promotion somewhere else. Alas, here’s how to get it!

(P.S.- Make sure you have the latest iOS 8 installed on your iPhone before doing so)

How to Get Camera+ For Free

Step 1: Download the Apple Store App from the iOS App Store (yes, you read that correctly, it’s a separate app).

Step 2: Once you install the app, launch it, and tap on the Stores tab at the bottom.

Step 3: Scroll all the way down, until you see the Camera+ special offer.



Step 4: Tap on the Camera+ icon, tap the “Download now for free” at the bottom of the screen.



Step 5: A pop-up will appear, asking you to go to the App Store, tap on Continue. When the App Store opens up, tap on the Redeem button on the upper right.



The Camera+ app will begin to download.

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This is definitely an app every photographer should consider. My favorite feature has to be the Touch Exposure and Focus– which allows me to easily control how light or dark my shots are, and set the exposure separately from the focus. Here’s an example of a photograph I took using Camera+:

Photo by: Michelle Bird

What are some of your favorite photography apps out there, whether for snapping away or editing?

[via] Redmond Pie