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27 May 2024

Shot List

Term: Shot List
Description: A photography shot list is a document which outlines all of the shots necessary to complete an assignment successfully. It can help ensure that important elements of a shoot do not get overlooked or forgotten. It also helps to keep photographers organized and on track during the shooting process, so that they don't have to think about what shots need to be taken next.

How to create a shot list

To create a shot list, begin by brainstorming various shot ideas that you have for the project. Think of different angles and perspectives, take your time and be creative. Once you have some shot ideas on paper, start to organize them into a shot list that can be easily referred back to during shooting. This shot list should feature each shot individually with notes on what you’ll need and how long it might take to complete.

A shot list can be compiled with any platform, software, or document.  Here are a few common and useful options:

  • Google Docs
  • Pinterest
  • Word Document

When to use a Shot List

Shot lists are particularly useful for types of photography where you are aiming for a particular result such as editorial and fashion photography.  For more on-the-go, in-the-moment niches of photography, such as wedding photography or photojournalism, shot lists should be used as more of an “inspiration board” or “mood board.”  In these types of photography, the shot list should be kept in mind but not followed strictly to allow for the emotion and moment to happen organically.



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