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30 May 2024


Description: Term: Preset
Description: Presets are edits or adjustments that have been saved for use in editing software (Lightroom, Capture One, etc.) to recreate a certain look in one click. Presets represent one of the most powerful post-production tools for simplifying the post production process. If you repeatedly make the same adjustments while editing your photos, then learning how to create presets can help you cut a lot of the repetition out of your workflow.

how to create presets in lightroom mobile feature before and after

Using Lightroom presets can have a profound impact on your workflow and significantly reshape not only how you edit your photos in Lightroom, but also how you capture the images in the first place. The settings you use for presets will vary based on your personal editing style, but if you’re mindful of your common shooting conditions (such as shooting in hard light vs. soft light, for example), then you can create custom presets that apply to a wide range of sessions.

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New Lightroom Presets | SLR Lounge Partners with DVLOP to Create Visual Flow

SLR Lounge and DVLOP have teamed up to form Visual Flow, a new preset development company with a patent-pending approach to image development called “lighting condition-based processing.” This system leverages the two companies’ combined 15 years of preset development experience to create the most intuitive, fast, and powerful Lightroom Presets available to photographers.