As an aspiring fashion photographer, I continuously look at the work of others for inspiration and am always in search of different insights and tutorials in order to improve my craft and my business. It’s great to be inspired by others’ work, and to see what it takes to make it in the industry. Also, as you start to take notice of others’ work, you can start to discover and develop your own style.

Here is a list of blogs that I follow. What are some of the fashion photography blogs that you follow?

Melissa Rodwell’s Fashion Photography Blog

Pye Jirsa recently gave Melissa Rodwell the SLRLounge’s seal of approval for her educational DVD, Fashion Photography Exposed, on the ins and outs of the fashion photography business. As one of the top fashion photographers in the world, Melissa brings over 21 years of industry experience to the table, and her knowledge is invaluable to any aspiring photographers looking to make a career in the industry. Her website, Fashion Photography Blog, complements her DVD very well, and I just love her site! Her posts are very personal and you do get the sense of how it is being on set at a high-end shoot with her, as well as her thoughts on various subjects such as formal education, getting booked, and lighting. Be sure to check out her links of inspirations as well:

Frank Doorhof’s blog focuses more on teaching photography rather than talking about the business side of photography. Frank does a lot of workshops and instructional DVDs, and is regular contributor to Kelby training. His own blog provides tons of free articles covering lessons in composition, lighting, styling, and getting the best out of your models. His site is easy to navigate and his articles are very straight-forward and he offers a lot of great photos to go along with his articles. I highly suggest reading his articles and checking out some of his tutorials here and also on to learn more about fine tuning your craft as a photographer.

Many photographers may look at Model Mayhem as merely an online networking tool where they can find models, make-up artists (MUAs), and hairstylists, but in reality it is much more than that. The forums already offer countless tips and advice for photographers and retouchers. Moreover, the site also has an Educational library with a growing list of good to excellent articles from many of the top and up-and-coming industry professionals in the industry like Benjamin Kanarek. The articles range from production logistics and lighting technique to retouching and even interviews with models so you can understand their experience from the other side of the lens. There are also articles in working with your crew and your models and how to organize a casting call. If you haven’t taken advantage of the Model Mayhem community, you should start looking into it!

Every day, I try to get my daily dosage of what are the current trend in fashion and what is being shown in fashion magazines and campaign spreads worldwide. This website features many of the best published magazine prints from around the world just as they hit the newsstands. Additionally, you can see the look books and campaigns for the upcoming seasons from various designers done by elite photographers such as Mert & Marcus. For a fashion photographer looking for inspiration, this site is a gold mine!

Lindsay Adler

I have just recently found Lindsay’s work through a suggestion from another photographer on Model Mayhem. At first, when you go to her page, there seem to be no entries. You actually have to choose one of the categories on the right hand side to see the articles. She talks a lot about what goes on in her photo shoots, as well as what she goes over in her workshops throughout the year. Her content is similar to Melissa’s in that manner, but it’s always refreshing to hear from professionals on what goes on during a shoot and what they look for in making a great photoshoot.

Some Up and Coming Fashion Photographers to Follow:

Here is a list of several photographers that I also highly recommend following. Their photographs are just inspiring! More importantly, each photographer has a signature style that makes their work distinct and recognizable. In a hyper-competitive field like fashion photography, finding your own signature style is important for your success!

Kenvin Pinardy (Indonesia)
Zhang Jingna (Singapore) –
Lara Jade (England) –
Jaime Ibarra (Australia) –

Thanks a lot and stay creative!

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