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How NOT to Clean Your Camera and Lens

August 7th 2014 7:15 AM

Clearly, I’ve been cleaning my Canon 5D Mark II all wrong because the following tutorial shows you how to get your camera squeaky clean. All you need is a bowl of water and some soap, get a good amount on the sensor and make sure you rub it in with your fingers really well to get that soap working. Then hose it down and voila! Lather, rinse, repeat.

Before any of you reading this think I am being serious, I am not. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME (or ANYWHERE). Seriously. Just don’t do it. The following video tutorial made by Ioannis Pavlis is meant to be a joke. It is not real, and no, you should never, ever clean your camera this way. The only time you should submerge your very expensive camera in water is when it is safely encased in underwater camera housing, like the Aquatec.

Alas, though this video is cringeworthy for any photographer to watch, I just know that someone out there isn’t going to get the joke and attempt to do this, destroying their gear. Just don’t do it and don’t get mad either (like some of the commenters on the YouTube page), it’s all in good, clean fun (pun intended).

I’m going to venture a guess that the camera and lens he used were probably not in working order…and especially not after that cleaning.  And just a reminder, just in case you thought, “Hey, I’m gonna try this“…DON’T! To properly care for your camera, please refer to this article where Canon provides you tips to safely clean your camera.

[via No Film School/YouTube]

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  1. 246986_10151605818801581_1982383444_n.jpg21
    Brandon Dewey

    Don’t forget to use your finger to get all of those hard to reach places like the sensor.

    • 229984_3690328329875_1371200010_n.jpg12

      Well, my fingers are a bit big, so I make my 9 year old clean the sensor.

    • 246986_10151605818801581_1982383444_n.jpg21
      Brandon Dewey

      Nice, showing them how to property clean a camera form an early age.

    • 05-16-2014-19-02-34.JPG6
      Dave Lyons

      personally i prefer to clean the sensor with an SOS pad

    • SLRlounge.jpg3
      Reynardt Badenhorst

      I like to use a High Pressure hose on mine, really “gets in there.”

  2. _DSC0857.JPG7
    Phil Bautista

    It was probably damaged when he took it scuba diving in his Aquatec housing. Just kidding Aquatec.

  3. AEP Profil Photo.jpg7
    Albert Evangelista

    I am still laughing and cringing….. :p

  4. MeProfile.jpg5
    Asad Qayyum

    A law suit waiting to happen; some numpty might actually try this.

  5. IMG_9425.jpg7
    Erica Mengouchian

    this is painful to watch lol

  6. 621761_10151659286906647_1953540503_o.jpg14
    Austin Swenson

    Don’t forget to use a blow dryer on the hottest setting right on the sensor for about an hour to make sure that it’s completely dry, I made the mistake of only putting it there for 45 minutes one time and my camera got ruined!!!

    • 229984_3690328329875_1371200010_n.jpg12

      Or just toss it in with your white clothes at the laundromat. All that tossing around is great for getting rid of the rest of the dust :)

    • SLRlounge.jpg3
      Reynardt Badenhorst

      DSLRs can handle a lot of heat. I put mine in the oven at 320°F for about 30 minutes. Dries out every drop! Lenses are a bit more stubborn believe it or not, leave those babies in for about an hour.

  7. IMG_87522.jpg10

    hahaha there is someone who will try this if they hadn’t tried it already

    • 229984_3690328329875_1371200010_n.jpg12

      Yes…and that makes me sad and scared about humanity.

  8. FBProfilePicture.png2
    Nur Sharlin

    Maybe the camera was dead at first, but the lens probably don’t..

  9. Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 4.47.20 PM.png16
    Rafael Steffen

    Crazy article with little help on cleaning the sensor.

  10. 10367162_4314976850544_5777603840096331754_n.jpg11
    Aidyn Chen

    Remember to use Windex for some tough stains.

  11. FB profile pix.jpg13
    Herm Tjioe

    Using DAWN soap helps degrease those stubborn fingerprints on the sensors and mirrors/lens

  12. 1
    Matt Doheny

    Its the bubbles that really get me, just hear every part of that camera fill with water :/

  13. image.jpg3
    Loretta Nichole

    No one has mentioned the toothbrush method? If you haven’t tried it, you’re definitely missing out! First rub in a little WD40 so that everything is lubbed up really good. Next, take a tooth brush – dip it into some denatured alcohol then scrub scrub away until you remove all of the WD40 that didn’t seep into the unreachable depths of your picture box.. err camera.. Once the end of YYour toothbrush begins cracking and falling to pieces take a can of high pressured air and pointing directly into your picture box opening blow that baby out! Place in the fridge for at least 24 hrs then she’s as good as new!!

  14. 1102497_532692293447191_1642676093_o.jpg14
    Michael Moe

    hahahaa ^^

  15. g.jpg8
    Tom Blair

    To dry just use the microwave!