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Canon T6i/750D To Come In Two Variants? | Rumored Specs

By Anthony Thurston on January 21st 2015

Canon’s next round of Rebel line cameras maybe be coming with an interesting twist. According to a new report out of Canon Rumors, the new model may be split into two variants.


The report states that the next round of ‘high end’ Rebels would be called the 750D and 760D in the rest of the world (the US ‘Rebel’ naming was not given). It wouldn’t be a stretch to think that Canon would stick to their T5i naming scheme for the US Rebel line, so one of the cameras will likely have the T6i name, but your guess is as good as mine for what the ‘other’ model will be called.

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In addition to the rumored model split, it has been noted in a leaked spec list that the cameras will feature a new 24mp sensor, rather than the 70D’s 20mp sensor that had been assumed would be in the next line of Rebels.

Canon Rebel T6i/EOS 750D Rumored Specs

  • Full HD movies, MP4 format, HDR movie, automatic shooting modes (Higher end model only)
  • 24.2MP sensor and Canon’s DIGIC 6 image processor
  • ISO 100-12,800 range
  • Flicker Detection technology
  • Five frames per second continuous shooting mode
  • 19 cross-type AF point system
  • Hybrid CMOS AF III
  • Rear Quick Control Dial (Higher end model only)
  • Creative movie modes
  • Wi-Fi and NFC

Canon Rebel T5i 18-55mm

It looks as if the actual differences between the rumored two models is negligible, with the higher end model only having a more advanced movie mode and a rear quick control dial to differentiate itself.

This is also eerily similar to the recent rumors of the Canon 5D Mark IV being split into multiple models as well. Maybe this could be the start of a major shift in Canon’s thinking/philosophy. This could also be a bunch of bull made up by some anonymous ‘sources’ watching Hello Kitty in their mother’s basement, simultaneously laughing about all of us losing our heads over these Canon ‘rumors’.

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Regardless, it is thought that this next run of Rebels will be announced in the next couple of weeks. So we will soon know what the deal is. Until then, we will just keep speculating.

[via Canon Rumors]

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  1. Dave Haynie

    You never know about the sensor. Canon hasn’t struggled recently to match Nikon (Sony) resolutions at much of anything. But particularly for entry-level cameras, there’s certainly some sense in keeping up with the Joneses. After all, many consumers only know “megapickels” as their metric for the quality of a sensor. And it’s in Canon’s advantage to grab consumers early on, as they’ll bring their lenses to new bodies in the future, if they get at all serious.

    It’s also possible that the dual-pixel sensors have lower yield than whatever this new thing is. Or they just want to keep the 70D as the go-to “poor man’s 5D”, for video applications of course. The Rebel/xxx line definitely needs an update, but that doesn’t mean they eliminate the upgrade potential of the mid-range.

    | |
  2. Scontel Scontel

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    | |
  3. Jean-Francois Perreault

    I too think the T6i will get the 70d’s sensor. It would make sense to release new sensors in higher end cameras. And once R&D is paid for and the production line is optimized, it’s easier to apply it to lower end cameras. Especially if lower end DSLRs sell more than higher end (I think…).

    Who knows what they have in plan.

    But I would be very surprised if they use Sony’s sensor in any of their DSLR.

    | |
    • Michael Burnham

      I have a feeling it would be a very cold day somewhere extremely hot before they would use a Sony sensor but you never know!

      | |
  4. Michael Burnham

    Oh, and it’s more likely that the 20 megapixel sensor from the 70D would migrate down the line into the Rebels instead of an all new 24 megapixel sensor that would beat the 70D and the just released 7Dm2. Just trying to keep it real

    | |
  5. Michael Burnham

    Probably a T6i and a T6 if the rumor is true. This would continue a pattern established with the T5i and T5.

    | |
  6. Hannu Siika-aho

    I wonder if that 24MP sensor is made by Sony..?

    | |
  7. Greg Silver

    I would assume they would have a touchscreen too like the T5i – I’d say this is the first decent update to the Rebel line in a long time.

    | |
    • Anthony Thurston

      Yeah, it will be interesting to see how accurate these specs are. It would seem to indicate a shift in Canon’s thinking.

      | |
  8. Basit Zargar

    Excited to know about this variant !

    | |