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Gear Rumors

Canon Reportedly Working on New Full Frame Sensor for Mirrorless and DSLR Bodies

By Anthony Thurston on April 29th 2014

An exciting rumor has just hit the Canon rumor mill, and It has to do with the next generation of Canon sensors.

According to a report over on Canon Rumors, Canon is currently working on their next generation full frame sensor, which will be meant for both mirrorless, and prosumer DSLR use.


The report goes on to say that these new sensors apparently have a lower production cost, and a better yield rate than the current crop of Canon sensors, which basically means that the sensor will be able to be produced for less money. This means Canon can either sell for the same price and make more money, or lower prices to be more competitive.

Another interesting tidbit from the post is that it is that these new sensors may have “Foveon-like” technology. In case you are not aware, Foveon is a sensor tech used by Sigma in their DP cameras, which uses separate layers to capture colors individually. If this turns out to be true, this could mean a huge performance increase for Canon cameras (assuming they have figured out a way to avoid some of the pitfalls of the Foveon sensor).



The part that I am most excited about here is the mention of the sensor being meant for a mirrorless camera. This means that Canon does, in fact, have plans to take on Sony in the full frame mirrorless market (EOS-M FF Maybe?). I was also happy to hear the sensor was also meant for their prosumer line, meaning that maybe an upgrade for my Canon 6D, a 6D Mk II is likely in the works.

What are your thoughts on this latest Canon rumor? Does the thought of a Foveon-like Canon full frame sensor intrigue you as much as it does me? Leave a comment below and lets discuss.

*As with all rumors, especially ones as grand as this, take it with an extra grain of salt.*

[via Canon Rumors]

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Q&A Discussions

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  1. Jim

    Do think this Foveon sensor will find its way to the APS-C models?

    | |
  2. Jay

    As an employee at a camera store, I’d agree that canon is probably working on sensors pretty much nonstop. As for a mirrorless system, especially full frame, I’m pretty skeptical. I’d love to see it, and the shift to mirrorless is real. We’ve seen ff owners of current cameras trade over to Sony a7’s, as well as Fuji, and Olympus systems, just because they don’t want to carry as much. I own a huge canon system, but I plan on supplementing it with a mirrorless, so when I travel, I don’t need a backpack.

    Canon and Nikon have dropped the ball on this badly. The M was a total disaster, and the nikons are overpriced fisher price. We laugh at attempts at innovation, like the Coolpix A, and the powershot N, while Fuji, Sony, and Olympus actually create cool concepts.

    My first canon SLR was the EOS RT, which has a pellicle mirror. Can someone explain to me why that idea has never gone digital in EOS? How about a one touch custom white balance? Why can’t the FEL button be reassigned to do that?

    I’m sure they’re working on something. I just hope we want whatever it is.

    | |
  3. sleepinghouse

    Canon needs to stop working on things and release them. They are way behind the times. I have a 5dmkII and am looking for what I am going to do next. Sony A7 has my eye as does the panasonic GH4. Canon needs to step up to the plate soon.

    | |
  4. Thomas

    I would be surprised if they WEREN’T working on a new sensor. That task will never be over.

    | |
  5. Nick Gladkov

    It’s very interesting, but this rumors are few years old. Foveon-like technology means best color and real resolution, but more noise and special color rendering algorithm (as a result, terrible cam-jpeg, all beauty’s are available only in RAW). I’m Sigma SD-15 user, and I will never return to Bayer cameras, except middle format . Latest Sigma APS-C SLR, SD-1 (15×3 Mp), sometimes can produce more detailed picture then D800E, and each time, except low-light shoots, it produce best color then 800E . So, full-frame foveon-like sensor, for example, 24 Mp, can be compared only with middle format cameras, like Pentax 645D or Leica S.

    | |
  6. dave

    Knowing canon it’s just a full frame version of the one in the t5

    | |
  7. Anony Salazar

    I hope for once rumors are true. On the edge to buy a Fuji or Sony for my daily driver.

    | |
    • Gunnar

      This rumor sounds even less likely than the one about the imminent release of the 7D 2 that we are hearing of since forever..

      | |
  8. Peter Hernandez

    It’s exciting only if the dynamic range is wider than the current CMOS sensors.

    | |