Not only is the bridal veil a purposeful accessory for the bride on her wedding day, but it also helps soften the light to help create the mood, aiding you in capturing stunning bridal portraits with ‘a-veil-able’ light.

Take a look at four creative ways to photograph the bride with her wedding veil incorporated in the photo!

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1. Veil Over the Face | Solo Portrait

Place the veil over the bride’s face to create a soft, bright & airy look. This is the most obvious option since we are using the veil for its actual purpose. Take a moment to get multiple expressions while your bride is underneath the veil in order to have variety in the same scene. Although Pye is seen using a 100mm Macro lens to take this photograph, any portrait lens would work just the same. See some of our favorite lenses for bridal portraits here!

Be cautious of your focus since you are placing an object between the lens and the subject causing the camera to autofocus on whatever is closest instead of what you want in focus.

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2. Shooting Through the Veil | Solo Portrait

This method might be a bit tricky, but, you can have a bridesmaid or your assistant help you out. Place the veil in front of the lens to create texture in your image. You can see that the subject is still visible and tack sharp even though the veil is embroidered, Make sure no part of the veil conceals the bride’s face and you are good to go! The same autofocus issue can occur here since the fabric is close to the camera.

3. Veil Leading into the Camera | Couples Photo

Try utilizing the veil in couples portraits by creating your own leading lines. Have an assistant hold the veil just off frame and use the pull to create a line leading directly into your couple. You will have to patient and keep testing height and composition to nail this shot but the key is to always frame the couple so that they are visible and not hidden behind the fabric. The veil can also be used to block unwanted objects in your scene or background.

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4. Veil Toss | Couples Photo

Quite possibly the easiest method, and clearly most dramatic – the veil toss. Have an assistant hold the tip of the veil off camera and countdown before you release your shutter. Once your assistant lets go, have then run out of frame and using a continuous shutter capture multiple frames in order to get just a right pull. Try and have your assistant throw the veil in the their air instead of simply letting it go so that the veil has a natural pull to it.

For more inspiration check out how Lin and Jirsa Photography creatively uses the veil in their wedding couples portraits:

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