Most of us do not shoot with cameras that have any sort of internal storage. We need memory cards to save images and get them to our computers. Sandisk is one of (if not the),  premiere brands that produce the SD and CF memory cards that we use every day.


Today, we have received word of some great deals currently available on Sandisk SD and CF card two packs over on B&H. The savings are applied instantly when you check out but are only available for a limited time, so take a look below and see if you need any new memory cards.

Sandisk 2-Pack Discounts at B&H

I have a ton of SD cards, but I may just grab a couple of these packs for a rainy day. These are some pretty significant savings, and if you have the money, I highly recommend grabbing a pack or two. Maybe it’s time to rotate out some of your older cards.

What other type of deals are you interested in seeing on SLR Lounge? How often are you interested in seeing them? Your feedback is appreciated and will help us shape the content you see here on a daily basis.