As one redditor put it, “This is why we can’t have nice things.”

For over a century, the Giro d’Italia (Tour of Italy) draws cyclists from all over the world. As one of the three major European professional cycling races, known as the Grand Tours (which includes the famous Tour de France), this prestigious race draws quite the crowds over the 20+ day long race.


Yesterday, a spectator who was photographing the event on the sidelines with their long lens (what looks to be a 70-200mm), caused a crash in the final stretch of Stage 6 when they leaned over the rail of the barrier to take a picture. Cyclist Daniele Colli, who was sprinting up the side, ran into the camera and lens, fell and broke his arm in a horrific manner. In the following video, which is extremely graphic, you can see Colli hitting the fan, falling and his arm bent at an almost 90-degree angle – in the wrong direction. It reminded me of Anderson Silva breaking his leg last year in the UFC fight.

Several other riders, including the race leader, Alberto Contador, also fell due to the initial crash. Contador, who suffered a dislocated shoulder was expected to ride in today’s leg, and remains optimistic that he will start and hopes to continue his lead in the rest of the race.

Warning: The video below is graphic and may be disturbing for some. (Meaning: Don’t watch if your stomach gets queasy when body parts bend in ways it shouldn’t)

As a photographer, whether professional or amateur, we tend to do whatever it takes to get the shot, but it takes stories like this to remind us that we need to be careful (duh) and aware of our surroundings when we are lost in our little world, clicking away. Don’t be the careless, unaware photographer that is only concerned with getting the shot. Use your common sense.

Note: this is the second spectator caused crash of this race. The first was caused by an over enthused fan who tried to join the race on his own bike in Stage 2.

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