Getting The Best Family Photos

Capturing family photos, especially portraits can prove to be quite difficult when you’re unprepared. Many times people will be running late, some people may be missing, and sometimes the family dynamics can be awkward. Check out my 6 tips on how to get the best family photos in the video and article below!

6 Tips On How To Get The Best Family Photos at Weddings Video

Tip 1: Ask Questions Regarding Family Dynamics

Our studio sends out a questionnaire to the bride and groom to find out if there are any relationships that are sensitive in nature we need to be aware of. There may be separated relationships, divorces, step families, or just bitter relationships involved. This conversation is important to have with your clients because you don’t want to create tension the day of. You don’t want to step on toes when you’re shooting intimate moments.

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Tip 2: Gather the Important People in the Getting Ready Room

During the getting ready portion of the day, I like to have the parents, grandparents, siblings, and best friends there. This opens up many photographic opportunities of uninterrupted intimate moments.


Tip 3: Get Individual Portraits Before the Formal Portrait Session

Even though there’s usually a set time to capture formal portraits, I still make an effort to get individual portraits beforehand. During these individual photo sessions, I’ll ask mom or dad to give the bride a hug or a kiss and I can capture the beautiful moments that unfold. In my experience, these are the photos the moms love the most.


Tip 4: Capture Intimate Moments During the Reception

The reception is a great place to capture great candid moments. By this time, everyone is relaxed, having fun, and used to having the camera around.

Tip 5: Don’t Forget the Grandparents

A lot of times these formal affairs are few and far between, and it’s a special time where these families are gathered in one place. Be sure to make an effort in capturing special moments of your clients and their grandparents.


Tip 6: Always Be Diligent

All the previous tips require you to always be diligent. In my experience, what separates great photographers from good ones is diligence. You may have some downtime in a day and relax for a bit, but a great photographer will make the most out of the free time and go out and seek or create great family photos.



With all these tips in mind, I can capture great family photos consistently during weddings. I want to hear from you guys, what strategy you implement to get your best photos at weddings? Let me know in the comments!