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Gear & Apps Initial Impressions on the Fujifilm X-T3 | Third Time's The Charm?
By Anthony Thurston on September 23, 2018
While a lot of the photography industry was busy losing their minds over the latest full-frame mirrorless releases...

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Tips & Tricks 10 Tips For Preparing For A Successful Family Portrait Session
By Guest Contributor on December 17, 2016
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Tips & Tricks Creating Soft Portrait Lighting with On Camera Flash | Minute Photography
By Pye Jirsa on September 6, 2016
In just 60 seconds, see how we use an on-camera flash and a reflector to create soft,...
Inspiration From Celebration to Tragedy: Wedding Photographer Documents the Final Goodbyes of Client’s Newborn
By Chad DiBlasio on April 3, 2016
'I create photos to remind people of the love they have in their lives.' - This is the...
Tips & Tricks Eight Ways to Deal With Challenging Locations for Family Portrait Sessions
By Jamie Davis Smith on March 7, 2016
Having a strong understanding of how you can best deal with less-than-ideal locations...
Shooting Tips 5 Tips for Keeping Kids Under Five Engaged During a Photo Shoot
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Photographing young children can be a challenge for many photographers, but for anyone...
Tips & Tricks 5 Tips for a Perfect Family Portrait Session
By Guest Contributor on December 30, 2015
When shooting a family portrait session, follow these tips, and you’ll be on your way...
Business Tips 3 Things Your Client Looks For in Their Photographer & How To Give It To Them
By Michael Henson on December 26, 2015
I am going to discuss just a few areas within your photo session process that you can...
Tips & Tricks 6 Tips To Capture Creative Family Portraits
By Joseph Cha on September 29, 2015
I have 6 tips for you so you can step up your family photography game.
Tips & Tricks Family Photography Posing Guide | Julia Kelleher
By Hanssie on December 10, 2014
In the following video clip, newborn and family portrait photographer, Julia Kelleher,...
Tips & Tricks Tamara Lackey Shares 5 Tips For Better Family Portraits
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In the following video, photographer Tamara Lackey, goes along on a shoot with two...