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60 Second Lightroom Tips | 7 Ways To Move Sliders in Lightroom

By Kishore Sawh on February 24th 2017

Adobe has a web series of short Lightroom tutorials pieces called Lightroom Coffee Break, and we’ve featured a number of them here, and today’s is certainly worth a look as it deals with something so fundamental an integral to your Lightroom experience you should know about it. It’s simply explaining in less than a minute, 7 ways to move sliders in Lightroom.

Basic? Maybe, but I’m rather savvy when it comes to LR and there was even a method here I didn’t know about. It’s always fascinating to see people use Lightroom for years and then not quite realize the software’s depths or miss some basic function or trick, only to be shown and see their eyes light up. Lightroom, for all it’s wonders and faults, is a complex piece of editing and organizing software, and it’s totally understandable that there are going to be things you miss and learn years on if you don’t have a rubric of instruction.

At SLRL we have posted a lot of Lightroom tips that cover everything from file management, to speed hacks, to efficiency, and of course, for those looking for a rubric of comprehensive instruction we have our full-blown Lightroom tutorials or the heavy Lightroom Crash Course to bring you up to speed in a flash.

Anyway, take a look at the video below, and just above that we’ve listed out the ways for you.

7 Ways To Move Sliders In Lightroom

  1. Use The mouse to click on the slider handle and drag
  2. Click on the slider ramp and the handle will jump to the spot clicked on
  3. Click on the text-entry field and enter a value
  4. Click and drag within the text-entry field
  5. Click and drag on the histogram itself, or the tone curve
  6. Use the targeted adjustment tool to click within the image and drag to adjust that hue
  7. Hover the cursor over the text-entry field or slider handle and use the up and down arrow keys or plus and minus keys. (I wasn’t aware of this one)

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  1. Ryan Longnecker

    super helpful. I’m trying to find a more fine-tuned way to adjust tone curve points too

    | |
  2. Shiyamdev Sritharan

    One windows specific one missing:

    I use Lightroom on my windows prominently and for me I love being able to just hover over the slider and use the scroll wheel of my mouse. You can even fine tune the adjustment with modifier keys. Its a feature thats missing on the mac which is unfortunate as I like to edit on my macbook as well (with mouse) while tethered or traveling.

    | |
  3. Larry Fasnacht

    If you hold down the shift key while moving any one of the sliders, it will move slower, for finer adjustments.

    Also you can double click on a section header to reset all the sliders in that section at once.  

    | |
  4. Jonathan Brady

    Missed one: Double click on the word (for instance “exposure”) to reset the slider.  And yeah, I had no clue about clicking and dragging the histogram

    | |