The sheer scope of Photoshop’s abilities is massive, and can be intimidating for beginners; Even experienced Photoshop users may only know a relatively limited portion of the functionality of the program. Nathaniel Dodson at has created a video tutorial to briefly introduce Photoshoppers to 30 tools and functions of this amazingly powerful piece of software that he deems the most essential.

The video promises to be as brief as possible, giving only a short demonstration of each topic, however, due to the range of subjects in the video, it does end up being a bit longer than most Photoshop tutorials you may have seen in the past. That being said, for anyone who is relatively new to Photoshop, this Cliff’s notes tour will give you an excellent basis for continuing your education.



The topics covered range from the relatively simple, like using the text tool, to more advanced, complicated tasks, such as working with 3D objects. Dodson gives quick, step-by-step walkthroughs of each technique so that viewers can easily try them on their own. Anyone who is just starting out with Photoshop may need to pause and re-watch certain sections before they can fully grasp the steps involved, but he does a good job of explaining what he’s doing, and why for each item.



As Photoshop is such a comprehensive program, there are sure to be features that you will not need for the type of work you do. This is simply the nature of a piece of software which has been designed for professionals in so many different fields. I’ve been using Photoshop, in its various versions, for over a decade, and there are certain features that I’ve still never used, however, the vast majority of the items covered in this video are staples in my post-processing bag of tricks.

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