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- Compatible with LR4 and LR5
- Revamped system including 311 total presets
- Any effect in seconds: B&W, HDR, Vintage + more
- Full Video Tutorials and Exercise Files
- LR4 Preset System users can upgrade for $29!
- Total File Size: 2.3GB

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We have been hard at work, you all have been patiently waiting and now it’s time! It’s time we show you the new gold standard in Lightroom image processing, the SLR Lounge Lightroom Presets v5.1. We have taken something great, and made it even better.

[Note: This page is for the Lightroom Presets v5, which is part of the Lightroom Workshop Collection. The collection includes the presets plus 2 other DVD workshops that teach Organization and Workshop as well as Image Processing within Lightroom. Click here for more information on the Lightroom Workshop Collection.]

What’s New in the Lightroom Presets v5.1?

We have added 95 new presets in the Lightroom Presets v5.1 to reach 311 total presets including 278 Develop Presets, 30 Brush Presets and our 3 most Common Image Export Presets. Along with nearly 100 new presets, we have revamped all of the existing Lightroom Presets to improve image tonality and quality.

We’ve also created a full set of video tutorials, included in your purchase, to teach you how to maximize the presets. From installation to creating diverse and amazing effects, these comprehensive yet concise videos will walk you through the process. We’ve also included the exercise files so you can follow along! To Purchase: (Digital Only | Physical + Digital)

Intuitive Naming for Lightroom Presets

Gone are the days of Lightroom Presets with “cool” but unhelpful names where you have to memorize the effect to know what the preset does. The Lightroom Presets uses simple yet descriptive names, in a logical organization and and processing format that makes it easy to learn.


With our systematic approach, you first select a Base Preset (B) that is closest to the desired image effect. Next, modify image contrast, fade and color by selecting from the Curves (C) which are organized by color schema. Next, Adjustments (A) can be used to fine-tune the effect if necessary. Finally, add Special FX (S) to further modify colors, add film grain or other lens effects to finalize your image. This means that effects that would take minutes to apply manually to your images can now be accomplished in just a matter of seconds. To Purchase: (Digital Only | Physical + Digital)

Lightroom Presets for All Types of Photographers

Whether you are a photojournalist, landscape photographer, portrait photographer, wedding photographer, or anything in-between, the Lightroom Presets approach to RAW developing not only speeds up a workflow, it also puts an unlimited variety of creative options at your fingertips. To Purchase: (Digital Only | Physical + Digital)

These presets are designed for landscape photographers:


These presets are also designed for Wedding & Portrait photographers:


These presets are also designed for Fashion and Commercial photographers:


These presets are also designed for Street and Travel Photographers:


Industry Raves for Lightroom Presets and Workshop

Click left and right to browse some of the notable reviews from industry leaders.

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  •  Before  After
  •  Before  After
  •  Before  After
  •  Before  After
  •  Before  After

Continual Education and Community Support around Lightroom Presets

Stay tuned on SLR Lounge because we will be uploading tons of great tutorials! Also, check out our Facebook User Group to see how our community is using the presets and to share your own!

To Purchase: (Digital Only | Physical + Digital)

Sample Before and After Images of the Lightroom Presets

  •  Before  After
  •  Before  After
  •  Before  After
  •  Before  After
  •  Before  After
  •  Before  After
  •  Before  After
  •  Before  After
  •  Before  After
  •  Before  After
  •  Before  After
  •  Before  After
  •  Before  After
  •  Before  After

Content Breakdown:

  • 1 Click Base Presets 69
  • Tone Curve Presets 80
  • Adjustment Presets 80
  • Color FX Presets 24
  • Film & Lens FX Presets 8
  • Legacy Mixology 17
  • Brush Presets 30
  • Export Presets 3
  • Total Number Presets 311
  • Number of New Presets 95

Standard Lightroom Presets Pricing:

  • $99 Digital Download (click here to purchase)
  • $29 Upgrade Price for LR4 preset purchasers before November 1st, 2013. (forward receipt to
  • Free for purchasers the LR 4 Presets or the LR 4 Workshop Collection between April 1st, 2013 and November 1st, 2013. (forward receipt to
  • $20 Discount for those who purchased the LR 4 Presets or the LR 4 Workshop Collection after November 1st, 2013. (forward receipt to

Watch the Workshop Collection Intro Video


If you are interested in the entire collection, please see the intro video below. Click here for more information on the Lightroom Workshop Collection.

Lightroom Preset FAQs

Does This Come with Lightroom Itself?

Our education and Lightroom Presets are created to work with Adobe Lightroom 4 and 5. It does NOT include Adobe Lightroom itself and the software must be purchased separately (Click Here to Purchase).

What is the difference between the LR4 presets and LR Presets v5?

The LR5 Presets have 95 new presets, and have been redesigned from the ground up to provide better results, a more intuitive system and more creative options.

How Are These Lightroom Presets Different From Others?

The primary differences between our preset system and those of our competitors are the following. First off, our naming structure makes it an intuitive, complete system. It’s not a random compilation of effects but rather a systematic approach. Secondly, we include supporting tutorials to walk you through using the Lightroom Presets. Thirdly, you are able to achieve many diverse effects, including basic color correction, vintage fades, black and whites, split tone effects, tilt shift effects, and HDRs (pictured below)

hdr-lightroom-presetsTo Purchase: (Digital Only | Physical + Digital)

Where are the actual presets on the DVDs?

We did not include the actual presets on the Physical DVD because we knew we would be updating them often, and anything on the DVD would have been outdated within a couple months. Instead, the Physical DVD includes all videos and other files needed. Most orders include the Digital download, which is where you’ll find the actual presets. If you purchased the physical DVD only, please forward us your receipt and we will email you the most updated version within 24 hours. You will then also be put into the system for future updates.

How comprehensive are the video tutorials included?

You can see a few examples of the videos included with the DVD in our School. Click here for the Presets Section of the school.

Why don’t I get these for free if I purchased in the past?

As with all software companies, continual development means that we do need to charge for major updates. Minor updates within each version to fix bugs add features are always free. Major updates do require upgrade fees, just as they would when moving from Lightroom 3 to 4 to 5. However, we have very large discounts for past customers to bring the upgrade price down to only $29. This means that past customers get 70% off the retail price of the new product, which is far more than most software companies would provide to existing customers.

How Long Does It Take To Download and Why?

This entire workshop may take anywhere from 1 hour to an entire night depending on your internet connection and depending on our current server load. We are using a very reliable service in Amazon to deliver the files but please keep in mind that these are very large files. With all of the RAW exercise files included as well as full HD videos, the total download size is inevitably large. We suggest letting all of the downloads run over night so you do not have to micromanage the process.

If I have multiple computers, Will I be able to load them on both?

The license follows the user, so if you are the owner of both computers, you may use them on both.

May I resell this Product?

Resell or unauthorized sharing of this product is strictly prohibited.

It is compatible with both Mac and PC

Absolutely! These work well with both systems.

What is your Return Policy?

SLR Lounge products are not software or subscriptions and we are not able to activate or deactivate licenses or subscriptions. For this reason, we are unable to refunds. However, we offer plenty of information on how everything works. Please make sure you read each product thoroughly before purchase.

Is there a trial version of the presets before buying?

The Lightroom Presets are a full system, with the use of combinations of presets and brushes. As it’s a full system, there is no way to try it out without owning the entire thing.

Are the Lightroom Presets installed automatically

We include two options: 1) an automatic installer and 2) manual install files and instructions.

I Own Previous Versions of Lightroom. Will they work?

These presets work with Lightroom 4 and up but not Lightroom 3, Lightroom 2, or Lightroom 1

Where Can I Purchase?

Click for to purchase: Digital Download

Is there a Demo Version of the Lightroom Presets?

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a trial version of the presets. Because there is no way to automatically deactivate the presets, we would be unable to offer use of the presets for a controlled time. Also, since the presets are a full system, with multiple presets working together to create final effects, offering a few sample presets is not possible as well. However, you can rest assured that industry leaders, from Phlearn to Fstoppers to Lightroomers, as well as hundreds of satisfied customers direct from our site as well as Amazon and B&H, have used and supported the presets. As such, we are confident that this is the industry standard for presets.

Customer Reviews

62 Reviews
  1. ross

    These are Brilliant, Definitely have helped my workflow and final product delivery in my work.

  2. dillonks (via Amazon)

    Every preset you could ever need or use. Wether you are a professional or a beginner you will find use for every preset that is included. I highly recommend their Lightroom A-Z Tutorials also.

    A great thing about all the presets is they get you to a good starting point on a lot of images and you can tweak them as needed and save off as new customized presets.

    Thanks SLRlounge

  3. Dorothy (via Amazon)

    This a program that once you have learned it is a wonderful editing program, I love it. I have re done old photos to look brand new !

  4. Liren (via Amazon)

    When I first started using Lightroom, I loved the control I had over processing my images, but found it time consuming. Presets seemed like a great idea, but I found that too many presets out there are too specific, too rigid. I hemmed and hawed over whether to purchase the Lightroom 4 Preset System because I was afraid to waste my money on another set of presets that would gather dust. But after trying it out, I have found it critical to my workflow. It’s intuitive, it’s precise, it easily customizable, and I can’t imagine editing without it. Amazing presets, excellent brushes, and I also found, attentive and quick customer service! Highly highly recommend, the folks at SLR Lounge are fantastic.

  5. Davidson Tsai (via Amazon)

    I bought this system after the creators, Lin + Jirsa Photography, photographed my wedding a couples years back. I was happy with the pictures they delivered and wanted to apply some of the same looks to my own photography. Long story short, I love it. It’s a solid product and it saves me a ton of time. Before this system, I clicked around until I got my desired look. Now, I make a few basic, calculated clicks to get to the end result and my pictures look much better than they did before. Highly recommended.

  6. Sascha Gast (via Amazon)

    I feel lucky i stumbled into the SLR-lounge preset system.

    I used to mainly work in photoshop CS4 over the years and just really neglected Lightroom. I just never really too the time to learn it, let alone create a bunch of presets so I just stuck with what’s familiar. However, this also meant that i only did very much the same editing on most of my pictures and lets be honest, bulk processing in and CS isn’t that much fun. Matter of fact i almost stopped processing any of them and started neglecting photography alltogether.

    Then i found the SLR-lounge website by chance one day, watched the video and really liked what it showed.
    I bought it, installed it and loved every moment using it. It’s brought back the fun in my photography.

    I also purchased the tutorials. I own just about every Scott Kelby book out there but i have the attention span of a squirrel and reading just isn’t that relaxing to me. Those videos refreshed things I had forgotten and also taught me a whole bunch of new things. Not gonna lie, that’s a lot of hours of video and i might have skipped a little here and there, but i watched them and now i know. Still took less time then trying to figure it all out by myself, let alone trying to create my own presets from scratch. That’s crazy talk, lol.

    Thank you SLR-lounge for doing all the labor for me. Truly appreciate it.

    PS: thank you for creating the preset system for camera raw CS6. Bought it right away.

  7. johndavidpittman (via Amazon)

    Generally not a big fan of purchased presets. But the SLR Lounge LR4 presets are AWESOME! They have really improved my workflow, giving me great starting points to create some really killer images. I highly recommend grabbing them up.

  8. Hien V. Wu "gmatt" (via Amazon)

    So even though these presets are designed by wedding photographers, I have been using them for my landscape, real estate, architecture, and street photography that I take with my SLR. I even upload my iPhone and Canon point and shoot pictures then and produce them there. For real estate, I love the soft HDR preset. That preset, with a little exposure adjustment usually gets me exactly where I need to be. For landscapes, I love the brushes for the skies that give clouds more character and blue skies more color and vibrance. And for street photography, I like to use their black and white presets that add so much life and pop to each picture. Slrlounge is awesome and these presets are no exception!

    I definitely recommend this product to anyone from photography enthusiasts, hobbyists and professionals who wants their pictures to reach the next level.

  9. Karen Lin (via Amazon)

    I learned about the website SLR Lounge 3 years ago and I’ve been following them ever since. Their products are ALWAYS high quality because the guys creating them are active and successful photographers. I own their HDR DVD as well as their other 2 Lightroom products – The Workflow DVD and the A-Z DVD. My favorite part is how these products are all-inclusive. These presets enable the common photographer to achieve ANY effect. It’s not just for the vintage, fieldsy look or the grungy city look. They have presets that apply to every type and style of photography. Thumbs up for another solid product.

  10. Jim Sterne (via Amazon)

    I recently went to digital and was daunted by the choices in Photoshop. I bought Lightroom to lessen choices and confusion. I wanted to establish a baseline without the fear I was doing something terribly wrong. Then I bought the SLR Presets. Their presets immediately provided satisfaction and security from which I could explore my own vision. SLR encourages you to make your own presets as well as teaches you how to do it. I read that SLR Lounge charges you for what you can do yourself for free. It would have taken me months to figure out what and how I would make the presets and I would feel insecure because I do not know Lightroom well enough to make a baseline. SLR saved me a huge amount of time and gave me immediate satisfaction so that I can work on thousands of archival photos without having to master all the nuances of the software first. Furthermore, using the wide range of presets for effects that I would not have thought of inspires me to think outside of my traditional film background. Many thanks to all at SLR Lounge!

  11. kyang83 (via Amazon)

    Slr lounge has hit another home run with these videos and presets. After getting these via prime, I realized all that I was missing out on….I’ve saved sooo much processing time! I had no idea Lightroom could do some of the amazing things I can now do with these presets. You can do the typical instagramy effects but also very cool, vibrant effects. I definitely recommend these presets for non-techie and techie people alike

  12. Bruce S. Harrison (via Amazon)

    There are lots of Lightroom presets out there of varying quality. These are all of unvaryingly good quality. To the outrider rater who opines that these presets can be created by anyone through use of Lightroom’s many adjustment options, I would respond of course they can, if you have unlimited time and the creative abilities of the authors. I wish I had both, but I labor under substantial time constraints; and, while I like to think of myself as creative, there are levels of creativity. I am not ashamed to rely on others who depth of knowledge of what can be done in Lightroom far exceeds mine. They help me to bring out the best in my photographs and for that I say thank you. I unreservedly recommend this product.

  13. heavyj (via Amazon)

    People buy presets to save time and money. With other products, I wasted money, gained a little bit of knowledge (As to what to stay away from). With the Lightroom 4 Presets and Video Tutorials by SLR Lounge I couldn’t have been happier. I started off making the presets with their Youtube Channel. When the system was ready for sale, I bought them and it has saved me an incredible amount of time which then ends up saving me money.

    Can you make these presets on your own? Sure you can, if you know what you are doing and the way it all works in creating a certain look in Lightroom, you can. But a lot of us can’t or simply won’t take the time to make them. Each preset category has several presets to choose from. At first, you will likely use the preset ‘as is’ but over time, as you get better at editing, you will make small adjustments to them and even end up creating your own. I found the adjustment brushes to be insanely useful when working on portraits. All neatly done so that I don’t have to constantly mess around with the sliders between touching up skin and then eyes and then clothes…it’s just a quick switch between brushes.

    The presets have helped me get through images a lot faster so that I can get out and shoot more. I spend a little more time in Lightroom and a little less time in Photoshop now and a lot more time in the studio or outside.

    If you’re new to Lightroom, I think this is a great tool to start you off. You can click through the different presets and then move over to the panel with all the sliders to see what slider created what effect or change to your image. You learn how it all works and slowly learn what it takes to create a certain look and how this product is worth more than the money you paid for it.

    A bonus is, when they update the presets, it’s a free update.

    If you aren’t sure it’s worth the money, then head over to SLR Lounges Youtube Channel and check out some of the videos on the product where they actually take you through how to make the presets (Not all, but some) and then create some of them. Once you have an understanding of just how much work goes into it and just how much time it will save you, I think you’d be hard-pressed to find something even remotely similar.

    ETA: My HDD recently decided to die on me. I had my images backed-up, brought them back into Lightroom but without any adjustments made. I had to go through tons of images that I needed to prep. I had lost my preset system as well. Emailed SLR Lounge, got them back. In the time between working on images without the presets, to getting them back, I felt like I was moving at an awkwardly slow pace. Then the presets were back in their place and now I was feeling like I’m ‘awake’ and won’t need to work through the weekend getting things done.

  14. Tyler (via Amazon)

    I’ve been using these presets for about 5 days now and I wanted to share my thoughts. To give you an idea of my level of photography, I’ve been shooting landscapes in California for about 4 years now (as a hobby). I would consider myself at an advanced amateur level. I used to process everything with Photoshop, using Bridge as my file manager prior to LR4. However, since the new release, I’ve been using Lightroom as my main workhorse.

    The presets have been very effective so far at cutting the amount of time I need to spend on each image. The most impressive aspect for me is the brushes. It’s amazing how much more pop I can get on specific parts of an image using different combinations of the brushes. It’s actually to the point where my images look better from Lightroom than they do from Photoshop. I’m sure this also has a lot to do with my limited Photoshop knowledge, but nonetheless, I never thought this would be the case. Slr Lounge has created a one-of-a-kind system that I’ll continue to use and enjoy as I progress in my hobby/craft.

  15. Derek J Flores (via Amazon)

    These presets have literally dramatically improved my photography. I had a hard time getting my images to look polished and complete. I guess it was missing that “pop’ that I saw in other images with professionals (I’m not a pro). The contents of the DVD is pretty straight forward. You have the presets themselves that you place inside of the preset folder to install (easy installation). The rest of the DVD is the video tutorials that walk you through tutorials on creating different effects and even creating your own presets. I’ve added in my own to the system and I have complete solution as a result. Recommended

  16. Cyndi (via Amazon)

    The presets are a great starting point for images. They are easy to tweak and make your own. Plus they are constantly updating and making them better. The customer service is great too!!

  17. Hasrin (via Amazon)

    The preset system is a spectacular tool in allowing anyone to produce wonderful pictures in Lightroom 4. Lightroom 4 is a powerful tool with an overwhelming amount of options. However, fully utilizing it to its full potential requires a great deal of time and a knowledge in all its possible adjustment parameters. This preset system provides a shortcut to all of that.

    Initially the high price was a bit daunting but I realized I was spending too much time adjusting sliders instead of uploading my photos. This tool is a great timesaver and a great way to see how powerful Lightroom can be when used to its full potential. I highly recommend this to anyone using Lightroom 4!

  18. Phil (via Amazon)

    when I first came across the SLR Lounge Preset System it looked interesting. After a little research I decided to purchase the system. From the first time I used this preset system it speeded up my workflow about 600%. I have since customised some presets and have got a powerful set of tools which has cut the time of my post production beyond belief.

  19. Jay (via Amazon)

    As a beginning photographer, I was looking for presets that would give me variety and allow me to enhance my photos in a short amount of time. These presets are great!!

  20. B. Barlow

    I really really did not want to spend this money when there are so many free downloads and YouTube videos on the subject. Now I’m thrilled I made the investment. The lessons are succinctly and professionally produced, easy to comprehend and retain. The presets are everything they’re cracked up to be. I’ve only been a Lightroom user for 2 months and I’m as fast and confident with the software as any other I own.

  21. Deborah Lee (via Amazon)

    This preset system is one of a kind and allows editing to be quicker. It does take away from the photo like many other presets do, but adds to it and enhances the quality of the image. You are able to change the photo around after the presets have been applied. The tutorial videos also help if you are not experience with presets in Lightroom. They were extremely helpful to me after moving on from the a-z tutorials. It’s very diverse in the styles of presets given and i highly recommend it to everyone from amateurs to professionals.

  22. daniel (via Amazon)

    I never thought Lightroom would be so fun, powerful, and easy to use! After trying to polish up on my Lightroom again with SLR lounge’s other products, I made the leap and bought the presets. These presets have helped me get better with Lightroom every day. This resource is a great reference for Lightroom and it helps me organize my process, and pimp out my photos within clicks. Thanks SLR lounge for creating such amazing dvds/resources/education.

  23. SULMO KIM (via Amazon)

    If you’re looking to get the most out of Lightroom 4, this is a must. They’ve designed and organized them so well that it almost feels like it should be a part of the core Lightroom package. These are the first presets I’ve ever tried and they will likely be my last because I can’t think of anything that they can’t do or any effect they can’t achieve.

  24. Jeffrey Lopez "DJ Haze" (via Amazon)

    These presets are a must have for any photographer whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been in the field for 30 years. You will notice a difference in every image that makes them worth every penny. And your customers will thank you! The customer service is top notch as well!

  25. David M. Nguyen "DJ Haze" (via Amazon)

    These presets have changed my photography for the better. Don’t be fooled by other preset systems that give you one click Instagram type effects. This is the real deal because you have full control over everything and you can mess around with each preset to fit each pic… it breaks the mold.

  26. QVQ (via Amazon)

    I bought this system in Oct 2012, and never looked back at any other LR presets.
    I use it in 95% of my photos, and I shoot quite a few everyday, if I can.
    Thanks for making my work flow easier and with better results
    Happy LR user

  27. Mark Mi (via Amazon)

    You won’t regret buying these. The instructor (a southern California-based photographer named Pie) is very clear and thorough and the presets themselves are great. I am thoroughly impressed with the wide range of effects these can create. Well laid out, easy to follow video instruction coupled with powerful effects, allow you to create beautiful pictures and provide a different facet to your photography tools.

  28. Rodger Schultz (via Amazon)

    I have only started really editing my photos a short while ago. The program I chose was Light Room 4. During my learning process I discovered SLR Lounges “A-Z Tutorials”. This set of videos was immensely informative, and easy to follow. Recently I came across the “Preset” download to advance my “editing” skills. The program was easy to install and the results were immediate. I did however, accidentally, delete one part of the “Preset Program”. Once I figured out that I couldn’t figure it out, I e-mailed SLR Lounge customer service (this was on a Sunday afternoon). When I checked my e-mails that next Monday morning they had my solution ready for me in my inbox. I can’t wait to continue discovering the power of these presets.

  29. Torsten (via Amazon)

    I purchased the preset system a while ago and have become quite familiar with. I’m very happy with it can recommend it to everyone who likes a structured and logical workflow.

  30. T. Streiff (via Amazon)

    I just bought this with a 10% discount off the SLR Lounge web site. Well worth it! It saves a lot of time and can give you that Faux HDR look, black and white, to vintage washed-out brand. The brushes are nice too and complement the other LR brushes for portrait touch ups. I rarely need photoshop unless I need to remove or add items or perform very serious alterations. Great stuff!

  31. Bill (via Amazon)

    Other reviewers covered the presets – I won’t repeat that. I just wanted to point out that the presets are only a part. The tutorials cover every aspect of LR, from basic features to streamlining your work flow. As you become a more serious shooter you are going to be spending a lot of time in LR. $100 to make the most of that time is a good investment.

  32. mmolloy (via Amazon)

    The SLR Lightroom 4 Presets and Video Tutorials will take your photos to a level of “WOW” that is hard to belive, but easy to see in the results. Great instructional videos, examples of all of the presets and brushes. Copies of trial photos to practice adjustments. The addition of these presets to the Lightroom 4 platform is a “Must Have” when editing your photographs. I would recommend buying this software.

  33. Maco (via Amazon)

    I enjoy using SLR Lounge presets,saves me time and I can still tweak it to my taste.I also learned from watching the video.

  34. Joysky (via Amazon)

    Big help for an enthusiast like me. I don’t need to spend a long time making adjustments using my LR4. I paid for Time and great ready presets so I don’t agree with people arguing why you need to pay for these presets just because you can do it by yourself. Go on… Spend a long time figuring out what adjustments you need to do to get what you want for your pictures. Time is gold for me and this purchase was a great help. :)

  35. David Kim (via Amazon)

    Great Presets. The common-sense approach and organization to the structure help beginners to SLR photography like myself easily use them without much of a learning curve. They do exactly what you’d expect them to do based on the way they are named. Example: “Light HDR” applies a subtle HDR-like effect (Lightroom can’t actually perform HDRs), while “Heavy HDR” looks like little heavier. This is probably my favorite preset and I’ve never seen anything like it on the market. Another cool thing is the mp4 videos that are included demonstrate the presets and instruct you on creating your own are very useful additions and really show you how to fully utilize the tools in the system. A very high quality product!

  36. m. kimo pfeifle (via Amazon)

    These presets were a great investment. I started out in lightroom creating my own presets for specific groups/settings of photos I had taken. It is very time consuming and did not apply to other photos seamlessly. SLR Lounge has created a preset system and tutorial which has made post much easier for me and shortened my learning curve. Well worth it.

  37. PugetSoundPhoto (via Amazon)

    These presets are great. I purchased the digital download directly from their site and I couldn’t be happier. These presets are great because they allow me to achieve results that normally would take me 5 to 10 times the amount of time. Besides that, they’re easy to navigate and the video tutorials are great. A little bit long and too informational at times, but all in all, a great resource.

  38. den253 (via Amazon)

    I open the program and found the presets which are all I would every need, after working with the software for a time I wonder how I every got a lone without them, thanks they really help to improve my photo.

  39. Chandler Chow (via Amazon)

    I use LightRoom every day for my professional photo processing. The pictures I create from these presets are vibrant, crisp, and beautiful. I’m a perfectionist by nature, so I like things my way down to the pixel. So my only problem with the system is that sometimes the effects are over the top. Overall, I still give it 4/5 because even though I have to tweak a lot of them — without these presets, it would be take a lot more clicks and a lot more time to get the final results that I’m looking for.

  40. Kevin Chang (via Amazon)

    The presets themselves are good, compared to anything else on the market, there really is no comparison. The accompanying videos are helpful, although at times, they can get a little long if you are already familiar with presets and lightroom. It would be great to have them sped up, but at the same time, people would probably complain about it being too quick. My only issue is really the price. I get that they are a “value” considering most presets cost more. But, I also think those other companies are straight up ripping people off. While I understand that $99 is a fair price for what they are offering (presets and tutorials), I am not a professional photographer and its hard to justify this price for something that doesn’t pay the bills. I would love an option to just get the presets by themselve (without the videos), for those that really aren’t interested in the tutorials.

  41. Paige (via Amazon)

    whoa. I used to buy presets ages ago, then I decided I was ‘good enough’ to do it on my own. Most of them were over-done and too out-there for my taste anyway. But I looked at these, got a wild hair and decided to buy them and I am thrilled. Totally worth the money. My images just took a giant leap forward. Thanks for putting them out there and the great tutorials that accompany them.
    Really great product.

  42. Mahesh Krishnamurthy

    Bought the LR-5 pre-set 3 days and I’m bowled over by the creative options available to me … you’ve got a repeat customer in me for sure. Keep up the good work.

  43. Alex Nyisztor

    Purchased the LR4 presets , quite amazed and happy with them. Upgraded to LR5 presets.
    In my opinion, it is way to cluttered, with too many choices now. For one, I think a Black & White section should have been created containing all b&w options. That would reduce some of the clutter.
    If you want B&W, you would open that section.

    I moved my most used lr4 presets ( 16 of them) into the 00-00 My Mixology section.
    I like the lr4 Standard Import ( reset) better than what was created in the lr5 presets.
    Wished you would have kept it simple.

    Just my opinion though.

  44. Kevin Galbreath

    Had the Lightroom 4 presets and updated a few days ago to the new version with the nice discount as a previous owner.

    Much better organized than the previous version and better naming convention.
    Works like a charm

  45. Andrea Avanzini

    The whole lightroom system (preset+tutorial+workflow) has completely changed the way I work.
    It made everything extremely logic, quick and efficient.
    In one year i’ve revolutionized my photography business gaining a lot of time and quality in my post-producion!
    I’ll never be grateful enough!!!!

  46. James Moxley

    One word ‘wow’, so easy to install, I am a newb to lightroom moving over from aftershot pro. I wanted presets to help with my workflow, I love the complimentary colour presets, it makes it so much faster to look through. I have yet to watch the training video, it’s very intuitive, I am a guy what do you expect we never read the manuals lol. I did a recent photo shoot with the presets in mind, here are the results.

  47. Frank

    Great Product- very simpel to use! But I have a question. Which settings in Lightroom one needs, so that one sees the photo from the navigator in the middle. Can see so the Presets “live ” in the big) picture? So exactly to see how in the video the effects of the Presets are visible immediately in the big picture in the middle. Thanks Frank

  48. Maggie

    These brushes are awesome! The whole set is well worth what I paid! Thank you! Subtle but powerful!

  49. Steve

    Absolutely love this product. The preset and brushes are awesome and their videos are great and very helpful. I purchased the original system and loved it, but this new system is so much better. Thanks Pye and SLR Lounge for this great product!

  50. Jeff Kho


    I would like to purchase the preset with DVD package so I have few question for below:-
    1) Did preset available use for how many user ?
    2) Any charges of delivery of DVD to Malaysia ?


    Best Regard,
    Jeff Kho

  51. Richard

    I think that you should make it very clear that there are no presets at all on the Physical DVD.
    It is misleading to offer “Digital download” and “Digital download + Physical DVD” as you are offering basically the same thing. Most people would purchase a physical dvd as a form of back up or fail-safe in the case of losing there download.
    I am considering purchasing your preset system after my uncle purchased it but I’m disappointed that you haven’t at least made it clear the DVD doesn’t contain presets. I could understand if it was related to piracy but I can’t see how that is the case.

  52. Kurk Rouse

    This course really changed my life, the details and outline of everything lightroom is uncanny.

  53. Alex Rodriguez

    Thank you SLR lounge for this ingenious product, which will definitely help my workflow. There are so many presets to choose from to get a variety of moods and looks to your images. Love the B+C+A+S system to help flow through the editing process, and it comes with easy to use brushes. Presets were easy to install, I just followed Pye’s easy to follow YouTube video from the link in the downloaded instructions.
    My only regret is not buying this product sooner. This truly is a a “Gold Standard Product.”
    Best Regards,

  54. Terry Retherford

    Went is the update coming?

  55. Dick Raymond

    I have never used Presets before, but these look like something I Need to buy and use!

  56. Steven Lelham

    These presets are great! I purchased them a few months ago and for mass editing it is just so easy to edit a lot of pictures. I still manually edit if I know exactly which sliders need to be moved or if I’m working on one specific picture. But for the most part you’ll catch me using the presets and flying through the photos


    I have never used Presets before, but Is a must GET!

  58. Anton Shelepov

    Simply put, this is a life saving product. It reduced my post processing time considerably and made it incredibly easy and fun. I liked it so much, I bought the entire Lightroom Workshop after this. Thank you SLR Lounge for your wonderful and inspiring work.

  59. Kurk Rouse

    I’ve purchased both the natural light course and the full lightroom work shop you can’t go wrong with the these. The knowledge and skill you will gain will amaze you, it still amazes me.

  60. David Nissen

    The presets are particularly good. The ordering system and the combination of presets, by means of the preset copy dialogue in effect implement a PS “actions” capability in LR.

    I find the brush presets invaluable.

  61. Brandon Dewey

    I love the all of the presets! they are very easy to use and to mix and match to create a style that is all of your own. I highly recommend them!

  62. Derek Schwartz

    Everything about this series is terrific; great production quality, up to date, accurate, and (most of all) useful information. Plus, its a terrific format to come back to when time permits – very accessible in a non-linear way, which is terrific!

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