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- Compatible with LR4 and LR5
- 285 Develop, 31 Local Presets, 5 Export Presets
- Vintage, HDR, B&W Effects and More
- More refined and powerful than v5

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The SLR Lounge Lightroom Preset System has been revamped many times, but no update has been as groundbreaking as this new version, the Lightroom Preset System v6.

Our goal has always been to create the best preset system available, and the community has helped in making it even better. Like previous versions, these presets allow photographers to open up new creative possibilities, all while being efficient and saving time behind the computer!

What’s New?

    • Improved Developing Workflow

The previous BASE developing workflow in v5 has changed to a new and improved workflow. By choosing a Foundation, Stylization and Base Tone preset or following the “FSB” framework, users can create virtually any look in 3 simple and intuitive clicks.

    • Improved Advanced Developing Workflow

Utilizing Adjustments, Curves and Special FX or the advanced “ACS” framework, users can add additional color layering, special effects and adjustments to further customize and stylize their images.

    • New Color & B&W Toning Sections

In v6, we have added COLOR TONING and B&W TONING to the ADJUSTMENTS portion of the workflow. These presets give users the option to specifically control Color, HSL and B&W Toning to create more dramatic colors within your images.

    • Refined Presets

We’ve tweaked and, in some instances, completely revamped the presets for better overall results and easier usability. Detail, sharpening, skin softening, film and lens effects; everything has been refined or revamped for better effect.

    • Additional Effects

Along with the amazing retouching and Special FX brush presets, we have added the Sunflare brush preset allowing you to add or strengthen a sun flare within a single click.

    • Refined Naming

We’ve listened to our community and tweaked the naming structure to be even more intuitive.

    • Community Platform

We’ve created a robust platform for you to share your “recipes” for achieving results. This will be a great resource for your ongoing education and inspiration. See our recipes section.

Lightroom Presets v6

Please see the following examples. Click the left and right arrows to see more images!

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Presets that Stack

To help you gain back creative control in post processing, we designed the Lightroom Preset System with a “layered” or additive approach to developing. So, rather than clicking a single “one-click” preset that creates a very specific look, we have designed the presets to layer upon one another in the developing framework. With this additive approach to post-processing, you can create virtually any look with just a few clicks in a matter of seconds. Let’s go through one quick example:

Intro to FSB

Foundation (F) – When you import your images, you’ll first select a Foundation preset which automatically colorizes and gives your images a finished and refined look.
Stylization (S) – Then you might select a Stylization preset which allows you to apply a range of stylized looks to your image, from a punchy high definition look, to soft bright and airy images, to even vintage and filmic effects.
Base Tones (B) – Finally, your third click in this layered approach might be to refine your Base Tones depending on your style. You might prefer your portraits to have softer skin tones, while others prefer a higher contrast or more crushed black look. These is just one example examples but remember that the presets are designed to stack and layer so you have the freedom to go in any particular sequence.

In addition to this flexibility, this additive approach to developing gives you creative reign over your post processing style. Every step along this framework is designed to help you define and differentiate your images from the person next to you.

Quick and Dynamic Black and White Presets

Quick and Dynamic Black and White Presets

Further Customize with ACS

FSB already creates a finished image; but if desired, you can continue to modify further with Adjustments (A), Curves (C) and Special Effects (S). This is how the Lightroom Preset System gives back the creative control to you, the artist and photographer. Creative possibilities are now at your fingertips that were otherwise difficult to achieve, or just tediously time consuming. Your look, your style, with just a few clicks.

HDR Effects in Seconds

HDR Effects in Seconds

Simple, Intuitive and Consistent Results

We found that preset system users would quickly learn layer by layer how each group of adjustments would affect the overall image styling. So as YOU are using the presets, not only will it open up creative possibilities and speed up your workflow as we discussed before, it will aid you in better understanding the visual components that go into creating any particular look. With a little bit of time and practice, consistently achieving any look will become as simple as tying your shoe.

Retouching & Special Effects

On top of the nearly 300 develop presets that are in this workflow system, we have also designed a robust retouching and editing preset suite for your local adjustment brushes and filters. These brush and filter presets give you the ability to quickly retouch a portrait without ever opening up Photoshop. Sold by others, these retouching brush presets themselves can cost $100 or more. Also included are artistic stylization brushes which for example, can help you enhance the detail and color within the sky, or make a dress or other article of clothing pop, you can add lens blur to an image to create a tilt-shift look, or how about even creating realistic sun flares, all from within Lightroom.

Add Sun Flares with One Click!

Add Sun Flares with One Click!

Community and Resources

We have created a platform on SLR Lounge where you can submit your work and show off your own Mixology recipes with the entire SLR Lounge community. As others see your work and mixology recipe, they can vote on your recipe and the best recipes will get featured on SLR Lounge and users can even win prizes, in addition to just being an awesome resource to other photographers around the world. Now there is always a place to ask questions, show off your work, help others and help us to make sure that the Lightroom Preset System always remains the most powerful workflow preset system for photographers.

Previous Purchasers | Loyalty Discount

If you own the Lightroom 4 Presets, Lightroom Presets v5 or v5.1, you have a chance to upgrade at a discounted price. If you’ve already purchased the Lightroom Presets v5.1 by itself or as part of the Lightroom Workshop Collection, for a limited time you can simply pay the difference and upgrade for $49 ($100 off). Please email your proof of purchase (receipt or download email) to [email protected] If you’ve upgraded or purchased recently there may be additional discounts available depending on your upgrade/purchase dates. Email us for more info.


Does this work with Lightroom 3, Lightroom 4, and Lightroom 5?

These presets are compatible with Lightroom 4 and 5 but NOT Lightroom 3.

I just bought the presets. Do I have to pay for the upgrade?

We have a discounted upgrade rate. With the addition of more (and better) presets and the resources added to the website, the price is now $149. So at this upgrade price, you are still paying less than you would have if you purchased for the first time today.

Where is the HDR Effect?

For HDR Effects, please select the level of Dynamic Range Boost in the BASE TONES.

Do these work with JPEG and RAW?

Yes! They work with both, though you will likely see better results in RAW (as with almost all presets). We highly recommend that all photographers shoot in RAW.

Do these work with high ISO images?

Yes! These presets are made for all types of photography and all types of ISO settings.

Customer Reviews

17 Reviews
  1. Saeed Aalami

    My style of photography really is based on the post production aspect of my work. It is a bit commercial and I like to spend a lot of time in Light room & Photoshop. This is one of the main reasons I really related to SLR Lounge and [Post Production] Pye’s videos and business idea in general. After I purchased the Lightroom Preset System and the Lightroom Workshop DVDs, I was literally like lost kid in a playground. I locked myself in for a week until I was familiarized with the Presets. The Presets are very smartly created and labeled and even though they are presets, they still leave a lot of room for creativity of an artist and his own taste.

  2. John McCosh

    As a full time professional Wedding Photographer my normal work flow requires editing a large number of images.

    Using the SLR Lounge preset system has reduced this editing time considerably. With just a few clicks I can create any look I want, by using the stackable presets means that they are totally flexible and incredibly powerful. The latest updated version 6 has simplified the editing process even more and has made the system even more powerful than it was before.

    If you use Lightroom to edit your images then the SLR Lounge Preset system makes this program so much more powerful and is by far the best preset system around.

    McCosh Photography

  3. Edgar Brown

    Being a portrait and real estate photographer the SLR Lounge Preset System has improved my photography by an indescribable amount. My work flow has gotten faster which reduces my time in post to help me push more projects. The amazing results that come out of this system are unreal. This team has developed the quickest and best way to edit photos with just a few clicks. I can never go back to conventional editing. SLR Lounge is leading the way for a new bench mark in post-production. I am truly grateful. SLR Lounge Please keep doing what you are doing.

  4. joe chan

    These presets are really great if you’re looking for something different. I had a portrait session that had a fashion edge to it and several of these presets worked beautifully! Such a great deal on easy to use, fully adjustable presets. A fun way to change up your looks. Super price and solid value.

  5. Peter Hartland

    Just updated to the V6 presets, & found an image I was trying to get better of a paraglider flying into the sun but was never satisfied it reflected the colour that evening but the new preset in V6 found the exact spot. Worth my upgrade price for that one image for next years club competitions.

  6. hector mendoza

    I just love SLR Lounge. You could call me a super fan since I’ve purchased almost everything they have to offer. The Lightroom workshop collection, HDR photography workshop, natural light couples photography, newborn photo workshop, and even the photoshop paper textures. You guys have given me confidence in my photography and when I see you guys constantly making your products better it really makes me better. That’s what makes me keep coming back for more. This is really not a review but more as a thank you for all you have done. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next.

  7. Peter Garth

    If your’e an amateur photographer like me, the SLR Lounge V6 Preset System is “A MUST HAVE”.

    Three years ago when I purchased my first DSLR camera, I searched up and down the internet trying to learn as much about digital photography and image editing as I possibly could. I researched all the image editing programs finally settling on and purchasing Lightroom 4. After attempting to edit some raw files it very quickly became apparent that I wouldn’t have the time to individualy edit each raw file one by one, I needed presets.

    I purchased many presets from different providers however these left me with mixed results as, more often than not, these one click presets delivered unacceptable results with still a lot of “time” spent playing/tweaking this and that slider.

    ENTER THE SLR LOUNGE V5 PRESET SYSTEM. I’m now able to achieve, as advertised, stunning results with only a small number of clicks that produce photos with a professional look and feel that up until now, I could only dream of achieving.

    Also, in a world where mediocraty is the norm, SLR Lounge are to be commended for there EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE, they really do go above and beyond to give you the very best level of customer service possible.

    If you part with your hard earned to purchase the Preset System, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.

  8. Christine Einarsson

    Is the SLR Lounge V5 preset system THE easiest I’ve ever used? YES!!
    Do these presets, brushes and everything else in the previous pack speed up my workflow and improve my work? DEFINITIVELY YES
    So am I going to buy the V6 upgrade? YES
    Can I wait to start using it? NO
    Do I recommend that you invest in them? I really don’t know what you are still waiting for if you haven’t already

  9. Rebecca Charles

    I LOVE these presets. They’re much more helpful than any of the other presets I’ve purchased from other sites. My favorite art about them is their descriptive names. It makes finding the one you need so much easier than trying to remember some froo froo arbitrary name that other presets have. There’s a preset for every need and I use them on all my images now. Thanks, Pye and SLR Lounge!

  10. Melvyn Greenstein

    Such fun for a beginner. Just love trying out all the presets that me look like a professional Really informative and interesting. Highly recommended. Great Deal

    Melvyn Greenstein
    South Africa

  11. Artur Zielinski

    This is a great product , i love it.
    With simple 2-3 clicks you bring your photography to next level.
    This has really speed up my work flow , with hour you can process hundreds image.
    Highly Recommended for beginner to advanced Lightroom users.
    Looking forward to more products being released by SLR Lounge

  12. Andrew Van Arb

    I upgraded earlier today to v6 of the Lightroom Preset system from SLR Lounge! I am blown away at the new streamlined and refined system, they took something that was already great and fine tuned it into something amazing! I highly recommend this to anyone from the beginner to the professional!

  13. Shai Bachar

    Bought it!
    Super Great.
    Before SLRLounge I was afraid to shoot because a course I took and the instructor was bad. after getting to know this website, my self confidence raised and I began shooting again. after getting to know the preset system and workflow I “healed” and from now on I want to experience more!!
    Today I bought v6 and excited to use it and bring my photos to even better results.
    and Thanks SLRLounge people for bringing “it” back!

  14. Vladimir Ambía

    Thanks for the great job on V6. I would’ve love to have the files on the DL so I could work together with the tutorial. Also, I won’t give you 5 stars, because as creative people that we are, we always have room for growth.

    thank you guys.

  15. Joshua Cunningham

    Absolutely awesome! This workflow really increases the amount of photos that I am able to work with in such a short amount of time and allows me to easily post process. Easier workflow + more pictures edited = More photos to clients which = for me more satisfaction from the customer. Thanks.

  16. Rick Harwell

    I have received all Lightroom presets and this tops everything before v6 . Such a big time saver. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job. Can’t wait to see what’s next. Also the HDR workshop was outstanding.

  17. Adrian Gojan

    For over a year, I use V5 presets can definitely say that greatly facilitates the work, especially when working with thousands of photos. Bravo Team SLRLounge the titanic! In addition, you are a very informative site with current news in the world of photography and video. Perhaps you are the only site where I go every day to read the news! :)
    You deserve 10 * :)

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