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Yongnuo Announces New YN-622N-TX Flash Controller Now Available

By Anthony Thurston on January 24th 2014

The YN-622 TTL flash triggering system just became a whole lot more attractive to Nikon shooters, as they have officially announced that the new YN-622N-TX is now available. The new device is a I-TTL flash controller that allows Nikon shooters to control the power of their flash units wirelessly  with the aid of an LED screen. The units were originally announced back in October, but are only now becoming available.


Previously, users of the YN-622N (N Stands for Nikon) had to either have a master speedlight attached to the transmitter on top of the camera, or have the YN-622N’s in remote control mode, which was like a nightmarish version of some old video game code (up, up, down, right, up, left, down).

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The Canon version of the YN-622 allows users to control the output of their flash units through the in-camera menu system, but this feature is not available in Nikon cameras. Hence, the need for a special unit such as this to make up for the lack of I-TTL controls on the Nikon bodies themselves.

In addition to just allowing wireless control of the off camera speedlights, the new YN-622N-TX offers users an auto-focus assist lamp, a shutter release mode, and a special Super Sync function that allows your camera to sync with speedlights and studio strobes at much higher shutter speeds than normal.

YN-622N-TX Specs

  • LCD menu control
  • Focal length(zoom)of the A/B/C three groups of flash can be adjusted separately
  • Grouping flash mode: I-TTL/Manual flash/Super sync
  • Shutter Sync: first curtain sync, second curtain sync and FP high-speed sync, the highest sync speed is 1/8000s

If you would like to learn more about these new controllers from Yongnuo you can check out the product page on Amazon.

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  1. Mi Guel

    With the YN622 TX there are 3 Groups with 7 channels. So in theory how many speedlights can the YN622 control?
    Thanks in advance.

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  2. Mi Guel

    I used these recently to shoot a wedding. D600, Nikkor 28-70mm, (2) Yongnuo YN622N, Yongnuo YN622 TX, two shoot through umbrellas on 10 feet light stands, (2) Sb8000’s. Group photo 20+ people. All evenly lit, no cross shadows.

    | |
  3. Christopher Horstdaniel

    I have a Nikon D5100 and yn656ex flash, I wanted off camera flash triggers but didn’t want to spend the money for “pocket wizards”. So I searched and check out and bought yn622n, & yn622n-tx triggers and the TTL does not work. “pics are way under exposed” works fine in manual mode though. I put everything on ttl, camera flash and triggers but its just not exposing right the shoots are way to dark. I did the firmware update on the yn622n-tx and still nothing. they are talking to each other cause they changing focus length when i zoom out or in. can anyone help me out what the problem. I have searched the internet video and blogs and cant find anything thank you

    | |
  4. james moro

    just got the nikon version (yn-622n TX) for my d800 and alien bee 1600. I’m positive people have successfully used the pocket wizard tt5/mini tt1 to hyper sync w/ the b1600. So I was hoping the tx, with it’s adjustable timing, would work as well.

    unfortunately, this isn’t the case. I haven’t been able to update the firmware since they’re only PC compatible, but I’m pretty much giving up hope on this as the reason the pocket wizards hyper sync so well is the software utility that lets you select ‘reduced clipping’.

    I’ll love to hear if anyone has successfully super synced a mono block using the TX nikon version, especially an ab 1600. I know the T time is slow enough at full power…

    | |
  5. Valters

    Hmm.. and now I must think, do I need that LCD :) Can I buy new TX version for body, and as receivers use old ones?

    | |
    • Anthony Thurston

      Yes, the new one is a transmitter only and will not connect to a speedlight. It is meant to be used on the camera only.

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  6. Paul Monaghan

    am I asking to much for a pentax version? :(

    | |
  7. Cris

    I wonder how you can wirelessly trigger the camera shutter? Do you need to throw an RF603 on top of it or is there another trigger?

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  8. JS

    Hopefully these will be made available for Canon as well…specifically for the SuperSync timing ability.

    | |
  9. Derek

    I own the Canon version of these triggers, and I love them. I’ve used them on several shoots, and for $100/pair, they are one of the best values in regards to lighting I’ve used.

    | |
    • Anthony Thurston

      Totally agree.

      | |
    • Kane Mitchell

      I have the Canon version as well and love them. I am hoping when they release the Canon version it will make it easier to turn them on and sync the triggers and cameras. I hate having to do everything in certain order to get the triggers to work.

      | |