Do you remember the antics of your 6-year-old self? Did you look under the bed for monsters? Did you torment the family pets with a slingshot? Or play a prank on an unsuspecting passerby? Perhaps you’ve ridden on an airplane’s wings high up in the sky, soaring over clouds with your best friend. No? Well, in Adrian Sommeling’s world, it’s possible.


Dutch photographer Adrian Sommeling, was inspired by seeing the world through the eyes of his 6-year-old son. “He likes to pose as a model for my creations, as long as I want to play with him after that. I’m happy he can focus for a long period of time when he has to act. Many children that are in front of the camera can only concentrate for a few minutes.”

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Having only been a professional photographer for two years, Sommeling has amassed an impressive following on his Facebook page, largely due to his whimsical and creative style that stands out and helps viewers reminisce about their own childhood shenanigans. Sommeling’s photographs shows his background as a graphic designer and web programmer with his usage of Photoshop to make his photos almost appear as paintings. Almost all of his photos are composites of several images.

Adrian Sommeling’s Collection

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wallet_Adrian_SommelingSommeling also has a Youtube  channel showing how he creates some of his most popular images and he also encourages questions and comments on his Facebook page. Below is the making of “Fooled,” the image you see above.

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Adrian Sommeling is a photographer from the Netherlands.  He is also a creative director for an international company.  According to his website, “In 1990 I started my own advertising/design company. I have continued this business with great pleasure in both Wageningen and Rotterdam until 2010. During the financial crisis I thought it was time for something different and I started focusing on photography. Soon I found out that ‘just’ photographing is very nice, but that I wanted more. I wanted to tell stories with my pictures. That’s how I came to what suits me best, telling stories through compositions. 

This style has brought me a lot. From international assignments, to teaching photographers, advertising agencies and marketing departments all over the world. 

Currently, I am combining all the knowledge I have gained over the past 30 years as a Creative Director, but am still shooting advertising photos on assignment.