It’s always good to have a visual, whether it’s presenting your photography to clients, or if you’re selling them as artwork. WallApp is all about quickness, while giving your photography a clean and professional platform for exhibit. This browser-based tool will let you see photos in the context of a room display, without having to resort to Photoshop to create one.

If you’re familiar with mockups, and use them in your business, WallApp is pretty much that in a nutshell. In just below two minutes, I was able to drag-drop an image to upload onto the system, arrange the size I wanted, and save my file. It was that easy.

There’s also a variety of rooms to choose from at the top, and you can scroll around to whichever suits you better.

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The “Save File” button at the bottom will allow you to download the display as a JPEG image. Also note, the watermark for WallApp will be present.

Below are a few examples I created with one of my photos:




I found WallApp to be very simple to use, and a good resource for folks that either want a quick preview for their clients, or don’t have time to spend developing their own mockups in Photoshop. Also, folks that have just started their photography business can find this tool very handy. The only cons I would add are: you can’t do multiple photos in one mockup– for example, those photographers that do portrait sessions, can’t put together a wall collage on here, and the mockups work better for horizontal photographs.

What programs or tools do you use to create mockups for presenting your photography?

[via] PetaPixel