Rumors and speculation have a way of generating buzz and then disappointing when nothing comes of it, and that’s just annoying – case in point was the expectation two weeks ago that Sony would release the third generation of A7, and the internets were rife that it was essentially written in stone. It wasn’t. But the speculation we pull from Yashica’s revival posts are begging to be talked about.

Yashica has made some unusual and unusually brilliant cameras over the years, and while the company has been radio silent for long, they’ve become something of a cult classic, no doubt in part driven by the fact Terry Richardson rose to fame using them and even shot some Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition photos with the ‘basic’ point and shoots. Good examples of the T4 and T4 D and T5 still fetch a few hundred dollars, and will still get you nods of approval from knowing passers by. So when they teased, a week or so ago, that something new was coming, everyone was all ears, until they weren’t when some speculation was that it was going to be a phone ad-on.

However, Yashica, through their Instagram account and a mini-site has released a new video that even more piques our interest, and further leads us to believe that maybe what they’ve got coming isn’t a camera phone accessory after-all, but a camera. Yes, that’s still speculation, but in the new video we have the same female subject from the first, but there’s more focus on the camera in hand, and it’s even titled ‘The Unprecedented Camera’. Then toward the end they announce their product is coming to Kickstarter next month.

Sad to say that’s all there is so far, but it’s exciting, and you can check the mini-site to sign up for updates, and of course we’ll be brining that to you as soon as possible also.

So, what would you expect or want to see from the vaunted brand?