Want to know how to capture beautiful sunset images? We’ve got you covered. Take your sunset images from ordinary to extraordinary with just a few simple tips on exposure, color, & composition!

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Understanding Exposure


Your exposure will be determined by where the sun is in the sky – the higher the sun, the brighter the sky. The best way to expose for your sunset is by using your histogram, which shows you the overall luminosity or brightness in the scene. The histogram will become your best friend when it comes to understanding exposure while shooting landscape photography.

Colourful Sunsets


The longer you wait for the sun to set, the more vibrant the colors will be. When the sun gets low in the sky, we witness an effect called scattering. Some of the sun’s rays travel a further distance and hit more atmospheric particles causing rich & colorful sunsets comprised of a variety of colors. The combination of patience and the right exposure settings will result in a gloriously painted sky.

Composition of the Sun


Whatever you do, try to stay clear of bullseye-ing your sun! Think of it like any other subject in portrait photography and use the rule of thirds, or other compositional theories to help add interest to the final image. Take a step back and ask yourself what the most exciting part of the image is, and focus on creatively capturing that.


Understanding these 3 key components of how to capture the perfect sunset image will take your photos to new heights. When you master the technical aspects of exposure, then you can move on to the artistic aspects of photography.

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