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Gear & Apps
While a lot has changed within the commercial photography world in the last few years, perhaps nothing has changed more significantly than...
Gear & Apps
Drama by definition is an exciting, emotional or unexpected series of events. We as photographers often utilize drama in our visual language as a...
Gear & Apps
Fashion and editorial from the ground up to magazine publishing.
Gear & Apps
As if you needed another reason to get a Profoto light
Gear & Apps
It was just about 2 years ago Elinchrom introduced the ELB-400 which came shortly after Profoto’s B2 announcement which left Elinchrom a bit...
Shooting Tips
Five tips, including gear suggestions, for successfully shooting head shots on-location.
Lighting Tips
Flash photography doesn't have to cost a fortune. Here are some ways to use one inexpensive Speedlite to create professional quality photographs...
Tips & Tricks
Professional photographers must be able to adapt, and adapting to small spaces is vital. Here's how to take corporate head shots in small...
Time Out With Tanya
With the right preparation, bringing all your gear on-location for baby portraits can be a breeze. Here are my 5 tips for effortless on-location...
Gear Announcements
Backing up and having access to your images while out on location can sometimes be a bit of a pain. Most hard drives and storage solutions require...
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Owik Prasetya Apex Award Winner Wedding Portraiture