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Tips & Tricks
Simply put, photography is light. A photograph is a record of light at any given time and place, photons captured via a sensor or on film. Whether...
Tips & Tricks
Two alike, or too alike? Neither really. Here is what to make of the black and shadows sliders.
I’m going to get a lot of **** for saying this. Despite that, I firmly believe that to be a good photographer today you need to be a good...
News & Insight
Be better at Instagram with this new tool, be surprised at Adams' specialty darkroom, and ponder why Amazon lists the X-T2 as a point and shoot...
There was photo manipulation before Photoshop, and this is how it was done, and what inspired the Photoshop tools we use
News & Insight
Good things take time...or so we've been told. Processing and developing film is one of them, but here you get to see the whole processing sequence...
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